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October 30, 2013 *part 2* October 31, 2013

Ok, I’m back. I didn’t make it to class due to this wonderful virus going around that our family seems to have gotten (except Selena, she is our robot child who rarely gets ill) and I just needed to rest. We had a wonderful dinner and a great conversation at dinner. We always make it a no cell phone zone and only during special times do we allow her and us to watch a family movie while we are eating dinner. Dinner is a time for communication, togetherness and our time together to catch up with our day. Although getting Selena to talk about her day is about as easy as asking a chimpanzee to type a novel, we can get a few things from her. I do miss her teacher writing everything she does during the day, it feels like we are just in the dark now with her school life. She is doing really well in her new class and I’m excited that she has been paired with her peers. Selena gets along with her classmates and there has only been a few incidents, most of them during the end of the week and during her medication changes. Her aggression has been pushed back a bit and I thank the medication for the emotional stability she has gained. I am hoping that as she gets older, her ability to understand her emotions will be more of a winner than the medication alone. As of right now, when we ask her how she is feeling, she rarely has a correct answer for us or she just tells us that her heart starts racing. A key sign of her anxiety.

Sorry if my writing has been a bit jumbled lately, I have been required to write a ton of structured essays so I guess this is my free for all escape from all of that nonsense! Hah. Bear with me, I am just happy to get some thoughts out, even if they are ranting.

Back to Selena. Her anxiety is pretty uncontrollable and it renders her just about useless and unable to function. Example: The bus schedule in the morning. As we all are aware, buses are rarely at your home or stop at the same time everyday, there are way to many variables to make it a consistent time. Well, this doesn’t work for Selena…at all. If it comes early and she isn’t 300% she freaks out. If she is standing at the door, with her backpack on, ready to go and we aren’t pretty much right next to her, she starts screaming for us and starts her arching jump splits. Going to be great if she wants to be a cheerleader! Hah! If the bus comes early, like it did the other day, and she is brushing her teeth; she immediately freezes, starts screaming, staring at herself in the mirror and is unable to continue and get finished. I have to physically turn her and finish her up, while she is screaming and help her get out the door. She BOLTS to the bus, at times she has hit her shin on the bottom step, screams at the bus aide and runs to her seat. I feel so bad because there is not a single thing that I can do for her. I am trying to allow her to be more independent, but that means we move on her time, not my time. So some days it just takes longer for her to get moving.

In the mornings, I don’t have to carry her, she will walk, but she walks with assistance. I stand behind her and help lead her because her balance is super off in the morning time. She has begun to refuse sitting up most mornings so I need to turn her legs off of the bed and sit her up to get her moving. Ah memories of being a CNA. Some mornings, she will get herself up, ready and come out dressed, but that is few and far between! Boy are we thankful for those days though!!! Every small improvement should be celebrated. Especially with high fives and awesome hugs! We have her eat breakfast now at home and it’s working out pretty well. In her new class, she doesn’t get any special treatment in the cafeteria in the morning anymore. They have aides that walk around and hurry them to finish up quickly and get to class. You can’t do that with Selena. So imagine how her days would go. Freak out over the bus, freak out at breakfast and then try to do her studies and be productive during the day when her morning just started out so crappy and emotionally draining. I am glad that we are able to make these subtle changes so that hopefully her emotional well being can become more stable.

My pregnancy is starting to become real for her and I believe it’s mostly because my belly is finally starting to show. She likes to come up and rub my belly, talk to the baby and ask questions about the baby. She picked out a toy for the baby when she was with Mahja and helped me pick out some cute neutral newborn outfits. Once we know what we are having, I want her to pick the “take home” hospital outfit. We are all so excited. I think she is torn on what she wants. She talks about wanting a boy so she’ll have a prince to play with, but also she is excited for a girl too. She has been playing with her baby dolls and coming up to me talking about how the baby will be that big and how she will take care of it. Selena does not understand some certain concepts with what babies know and what they just don’t understand. I am a little bit worried that she will not be so forgiving with the baby and may lash out just because she doesn’t know any better. I hope that with some cute stories, lots of talks and time with the both of them, that she will be the biggest, most awesome sister one could ask for. This will definitely be interesting.

Girl Scouts has been interesting. We have been having fun, doing new things and have been getting to know each other pretty well. Our girls are becoming pretty good friends and now we are going to be trick or treating tomorrow together, which will be awesome! There are at times with meetings, where she will not participate or even be able to sit in the same room together with the other girls. At times she just wants to scream and hide, and we let her and I go to her after a few minutes and tell her that we all want her to join us, that I will be right beside her and that she won’t be alone. At times this works, but not always. We just had our Halloween Party and I am now getting ready for our Christmas party. Yes, yes, yes, I am aware that it is not that close, however with our busy schedules, I need to start planning now so I don’t have to worry about it along with everything else that comes along with Christmas! We are going to do a parade this year! Super stoked!! I went through and wrote down the key things I would like to do for each badge and now have a book in the works for the girls to take home, write in, have their parents sign off on, for each step of the badge and for what we will be doing together so that we can get some things accomplished with our troop! We need a plan of action and be set for the future meetings to help relieve some stress of planning everything between each meeting!

One last note, as I am getting tired and starting to rant. Selena makes me so proud, for who she is, how far she has come and how wonderful of a daughter and person she is growing to become. We get compliments for our parenting style with her and how we tackle the issues we face with her. I know we aren’t perfect, but we don’t stop trying, we don’t stop trying to figure ways out to help her. We don’t give up and it is paying off. Every day, every month, every year, Selena gains new behaviors, loses behaviors and only gains more abilities and knowledge. I am proud to be her Momma, I wouldn’t wish for her to be anyone else.


P.S. Happy Halloween!! I might as well just make this October 31, 2013 since it is 10 minutes until tomorrow.


November 21, 2012 November 21, 2012

I know, I know. You don’t have to say it and neither do I. Let’s just say that procrastination + a super over-flowing plate = blogging getting pushed to be a back burner activity. Let me try to play catch up while I have a chance to. I will probably rant a bit and talk about this and that and make a ginormous post. So take a minute, go to the bathroom, get a drink, maybe a snack and then come back. We’ll be here.

Where did we leave off? Oh yes, Halloween! Lately, when we are going to be having a lot of changes in schedule, I try to get her full attention and explain to her what the day will be like, what we will be doing and what order we’re doing it in. I’m not sure if it has been effective yet, but I will continue to do that for her! ASD or not, I think every child should be informed and not just toted around mindlessly. This Christmas break should be interesting for her and hopefully we will get through it smoothly.

A quick thing about her meds, she is on them full time, 3x a day and when we miss a dose, we can tell! Also, I tried to start weening her off them by cutting 1 dose in half once a day and it was bad. I don’t think she’s ready to be cut back on them, which is a bit upsetting because I’d love for her to not be on them! However, I am thankful she has them, because the things we are experiencing now with her behaviors would be much, much worse. I have hope that with time and growth she will be able to cut back on them, I just don’t think that right now is a good time, especially since we’re heading into the holiday season.

Halloween went great, she got herself ready and came walking down the hallway with her costume on, her broom between her legs, holding her lantern and her cauldron and her kitty purse and then realized that she didn’t have enough hands to effectively hold everything! I hooked her pumpkin lantern to the end of her broom and we were ready to go!  I got a bunch of glow sticks so we could wear them like necklaces and she really enjoyed hers because they gave us all magical powers. We had a good run going with the trick or treating and we got to the last road in our little neighborhood and it was the most alive one yet! Lights, music, people carrying on, tons of decorations! Me and Daddy were excited to go down a not so drab street like the others…but Selena would have no part of it. She was done and wanted to go home and since we were going out for her, it was time to go home. For her it isn’t about the candy or going out late. It’s about Selena getting to dress up and go into a fantasy world where she is a good witch that spreads her magic and says hello to everyone.

*****Super side note! I love her echolalia at times! Especially when we are hanging out with Erin and Gareth, because Gareth is British! She blatantly tries to repeat how he says things, it is just too cute. It all started with Harry Potter – magical things, cool accents, and the general awesomeness of it all. It went from repeating simple Harry Potter lines, to using the accent with everyday conversations and I won’t lie, I helped perpetuate it because I get a bar-wenchy kind of accent when I try and it’s just fun. So back to Gareth. We were helping them bottle up some beer one evening and Selena was in full swing, just carrying on and repeating anything he’d have to say. It was a riot!!! She did pretty good too. Having behaviors and quirks that are brought on by the autism is not always a bad thing! Try to take these things and turn them into a positive behavior. Granted, not all of the behaviors associated with autism can be manipulated into a positive light, but some of them can and you should take every opportunity to show your child that they may have something going on with them, but they are still amazing and unique. Gosh I’m just ranting today, here goes another rant.

Disciplining a child with Autism is so absolutely confusing and frustrating (for both parties). When do you discipline them? When do you give them support, love and encouragement instead of a spanking or time-out? How do you know if it’s getting through to them? How do you know if they are acting out because they want to or if it’s just a result of a sensory overload? I have went over a few instances in the past, where disciplining was so ineffective but I didn’t realize that until much later. Now when she has bad days and does things wrong, I try to get her to communicate with me, which is usually a dead end and only because if I ask her how she was feeling, all she says is that her heart started beating really fast and it was going crazy. Anxiety attack maybe? We’ll keep working with her and hopefully we’ll find something that works for Selena. Her behavioral pediatrician said that when she does all these things at school: the meltdowns, lashing out, being disruptive, not doing her work; that we should support her when she gets home, be there for her and ‘gentle’, soothing, and promote a relaxing environment because she is so emotionally drained from a rough day at school. You can visibly see that she’s had a rough day, her eyes are a bit swollen or a bit sunk in and she has dark circles around her eyes and she looks like she had been up for days. I can agree with the pediatrician to an extent. If she’s have genuine meltdowns then yes, we should be supportive and not be rough with her. However, if she is consistently being disruptive, trying to cause physical harm to anyone, or anything along those lines, I will try to at least give her a good talking to and try to get through to her. If you have any suggestions or have experienced this and know of a way to effectively get through to her, please please please let me know!! 

Alright so back on track with what we’ve been up to. Halloween – check. Oh Girl Scouts!! Selena is really enjoying her time as a Girl Scout and she got invited to her very first birthday party!! I remember times when I have cried because she still hadn’t been invited! We are doing crafts, bonding and having a blast! We are about to start making some homemade ornaments so we can deliver them to a local nursing home. Selena has earned her light blue petal, for being honest and fair; her dark blue promise center, for gaining the basic concept of the Girl Scout Promise; her violet petal, for being a sister to every Girl Scout and we’re working on her orange petal, being responsible for what I say and do.

We have started doing chores around the house and for every chore that gets done, she gets $0.10 per chore done once a day. We have a rotating ‘chore schedule’ that varies week to week with some basic chores that are done every week and a few that get rotated between the girls. They are really enjoying it. Let’s see how long it lasts! I have a banking notebook all set up with their Savings Account balances, their Allowance balance and our Family Fun Account balance. When they get paid, they get to keep all of it in their allowance jar, but as soon as they want to ‘cash it out’ then the mathematics begin! 10% goes into their savings and 10% goes into the family fun account and they get 80% to do with what they want. It was so cute, Emma had about $7 in her hand and she was counting it all as Mahja asked her what she was saving her money for and she said, so I can buy something at the Dollar Tree. Oh how cute, if she only knew she could already buy 7 things there. I love their innocence. I know that right now Hope likes to do chores because she gets sticker stars, Emma feels like a big girl and Selena like the stickers too, but I am hoping that as time goes on they really gain a concept of saving money and being responsible for what they do, how they take care of themselves and their things.

Our garden has begun! 4 pumpkin plants, a tomato plant (going to get a few more), green pepper plant, 8 green bean plants, 8 broccoli plants, 8 pea plants, 3 healthy basil plants, 2 cayenne pepper plants (one has a super nice pepper on it), 2 cilantro (waiting for the other seeds to perk up), and trying to grow some chives. Selena loves to water the plants and help take care of them! I can’t wait for her to be able to go out and pick some fresh stuff off! Taking care of the plants are part of their chores, not like they need any incentive to help with the garden, they love it!

Thanksgiving is coming up, tomorrow actually and the girls are going to make some decorations for the tables, help make some homemade butter and be great little helpers in the kitchen. Selena is handling this well I think, I am going to go over everything with her tonight so she won’t be so in the dark. She is at Grammy and Papa’s today, hopefully she’s having fun! I’m sure she is. Grammy said something about shopping!! She went over there last night to spend the night so I didn’t have to rush around all crazy in the morning before work, which actually turned out well because Daddy proposed to me!!!! The girls have all agreed to it and Selena said she wanted to have Daddy’s last name and to be a ring girl or a flower girl. How adorable!!

One last thing while I can think of this, remember last year around this time Selena was chewing on her fingers and fingernails, and she almost had to have 3 nails removed and 2 fell off and all that jazz? Well…she’s back at it again and I am trying to do everything to stop her from chewing her nails!! Her therapist at horses gave her some hand play toys to try to keep her hands occupied. However, I can’t let her bring them to school so that leaves the whole bus ride to her disposal. I might have to get the gloves back out again before it gets worse. This year she isn’t chewing her nails, she is picking and chewing the skin by where her cuticles are at the base of her nails. My goodness. This girl just has such a low pain tolerance. Like last night, I get home and she has a HUGE mark over her right eye and a note saying that she ran into another pole or door coming out of the bathroom. I am thinking she hit one of the poles in the bathroom that makes up the stalls. So regardless, she is going to have a black eye for Thanksgiving. She didn’t complain about it at all or anything. So as we’re going to walk out the front door, she walks backward for some reason and smacks the doorknob right into the back of her head. Selena just starts to walk away, I grab her and ask if she’s ok and she told me that she was fine since she wasn’t crying. Daddy got the ice pack and I had her come close to me to check her head out. I told her that she can feel pain and be hurt even if she doesn’t cry. That makes me worried a bit. Because I know she runs into things often and can be clumsy sometimes, I wonder how many times she has actually been hurt, but since she didn’t cry she didn’t think she was hurt. How many times has she suffered through the pain, not realizing that we could’ve helped her?

I promise, I promise, I promise I will try to write more often than once a month. I will make time for you!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you get to spend it with your friends and family!!


Oh and Amy, you are so kind, thank you for power reading our journey and the wonderful things you have said, if you have any insight or have any suggestions, please let me know 🙂 Also, feel free to use our experiences, I’m delighted that our story has helped at least one person!


October 30, 2012 October 30, 2012

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Oh time, you have once again rushed past me again. Things are going alright with Selena, with the season of sickness upon us, we are going to be seeing a lot of behaviors flare up as her mood and immunity levels decrease. We will just be there for her and move forward with our pursuit of happiness. I haven’t gotten to write in a while, but we are back on her meds full time which is a major help. We are a promise center and a light blue petal into our Daisy adventures and we are going to start working on our orange petal – being responsible for what I say and do. This should be interesting. We have started doing chores at the house already to kind of prep her up for it, and some of the things on there are not activities that she does very well, so when she does achieve them by herself, they mean much more to her because there is a visual aid to back it up, also money…everyone loves money.

Halloween is coming up and we have been making crafts, carving pumpkins, planting pumpkin seeds (which grow at a phenomenal rate) and getting our costumes fine tuned for the big day! I had to hide her costume from her because I’m sure she would’ve worn it out before she’d gotten to wear it out at trick-or-treating. Getting her ready to trick or treat is easy, but getting to change the subject after it’s all done with is a whole different story. Last year we were knocking on doors and asking for trick or treat over and over for months until Christmas came along. We’d have to relive Halloween again and again. Now, I love my child, but there comes a time when you have to say ENOUGH!!!!

She’s been doing really good in school and just lately has she started really acting out. Yesterday was a 2 hour meltdown, refusing to eat until everyone left the classroom and then refused to do any work at all. What reason might you ask? She said her heart was beating fast. Ok. So we’ll be there for her, explain that we have bad days and talk her up for tomorrow.

We have come to the holiday season and her anxiety level is going to increase, so I fear that her issues and behaviors are going to come alive again. However, we are seasoned players now and we have a better grasp on what we can do for her to help her cope with all the feelings she has. I will try to write again tomorrow, you caught me at the tail end of the day.



November 1/2, 2011 November 3, 2011

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     Phew!! What a busy weekend! We had a blast and was full of family fun activities! From family visits to festivals to a *insert creepy voice* spoooooky Halloween, I’m ready for a day of sleep and nothing more! Selena has been experiencing some big changes lately and I’m hoping she handles these transitions and new schedules ok. It is hit and miss with her behaviors lately. I’m not really sure about what’s going on with her.

     This Saturday Selena went to Grammy & Papa’s and had a blast. Papa told me that they noticed her speech was improving and her words were becoming more clear. That’s great! I guess I don’t notice because I talk to her everyday. It is so important to talk to your children. Not only to build a positive relationship with them, but also to help work on speech (if that is an issue). I have been asking her how her day was and have been trying to get her to communicate for her entire life. Up until a few weeks ago, I A) got no response B) got “I don’t know” or C) I’m Selena. (Mostly C) I am thrilled that she is starting to answer me correctly!! I have always been astonished with the progress she has made with speech therapy. When we go a length of time, I notice her regression with speech and certain behaviors, so I’m hoping that she will be eligible for a free summer class, providing ST and OT. Plus, when she went to that horrible preschool (vpk) she got so screwed up because of their….well, let’s not go into that. But they really did a number on her mentally. I’m so glad that storm is over and we’ve successfully moved on.

     Back to happy memories!! Fun at the grandparents, then Sunday, the girls finally got to make their grand entrance into our home!! How exciting and nerve racking. I’m glad Selena and myself took the time (5 hours) to organize and clean her room! Don’t let the time amount give you the impression that her room was nasty. Too many small toys + 2 bins they have been collecting in = unorganized. 😉 And it’s a good thing we did, we had very special company coming over! They loved it!! All 3 girls were in little kid heaven!

     After a healthy dose of bonding, we had an array of goodies for lunch then got ready for the Pumpkin Festival!! The girls had a blast at the festival, there was this HUGE bounce house, well castle really!! Slides, jump houses, ropes, tunnels! Then to magnetic fishing. Not too many other age appropriate activities there, so the girls were determined to get their faces painted. Selena wanted to be a tiger, RAWR!!! Emma a puppy and Hope a kitty!! When these little girls get a notion in their head, we better deliver! We scoured the land, only to be disappointed. So we agreed to do face painting at home and the winning ticket was cupcakes!! We were going to bake cupcakes! A new special type that has filling in the middle! 3 layers for 3 girls. I have been trying to pick activities that require everyone’s assistance, this one worked out great!

     Moving onto Halloween, it went well. As I type this with great restraint and positive thoughts flowing. I got to put her hair up without some sort deal or stipulation made!! Princess Selena was born and so was the evil witch (that’d be me). Unfortunately Selena destroyed the wicked witch with her power crystals so I didn’t make it out of the house dressed up. That’s ok. We gathered our forces and headed out. Daddy was our underdressed Knight in shining armor who led our Princess through the terrors of Halloween! When she thinks everything is real, those chatty skeletons or dancing ghosts are very scary for her to encounter!! Selena also got a nice treat for Halloween, Unkie and Bobbi came with Molly & Shelby (their pooches) to go out trick-or-treating with her! First time out in our new neighborhood for Halloween, and last time out in our neighborhood for Halloween! Definitely going to travel next year to a not so….’dead’ neighborhood full of crabby people. Ah well, we had a good family experience and can’t wait to try again next year!

      One last note before I go. I have been gathering information about horse therapy for Selena. I got to assist my client there today. And I must say, the stories I’ve been hearing that involve this horse therapy has been pretty inspiring. Maybe if evaluations go smoothly and her insurance covers that type of occupational therapy, we can get Selena on some horses! I had the honor of witnessing a very, very young client (3-4 maybe) get ready to get on the horse. Apparently the last time he was involved in the program, he was not walking at all and today we saw him walk all by himself! His little walker parked by the fence and he was just trucking along. Walking and trying to get into everything!! Momma was standing very close by as he kept losing his balance. The joy I saw in her eyes was just remarkable. It’s easy to get caught up in your problems, think that life has done and is doing you (and your family) so wrong. Chin up, it could always be worse.



October 28, 2011 October 28, 2011

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     Where has this year gone?! Time seems to be flying by. Strange how that works. Anyway, Happy Professional Your Kid is Out of School Day!! I will be honest and was semi-dreading this day, but it has turned out great!! That’s what I get for being Ms. Negative Nancy. I would love to be at the library since we have been going to the library quite a bit lately, but we seemed to have misplaced the library card, so we’re on the organizing hunt for it! Which has led me to clean out her closet, it has been like Christmas day for her, uncovering all these toys she hasn’t seen in a while. 🙂

     She had her first experience yesterday getting her pictures taken at school!! I CANNOT wait to see them! When she’s in a good mood, she is one of the most photogenic kids ever! Her teacher noted that she smiled so pretty. We ordered the partial body shot, she doesn’t pose the ‘conventional’ way, so that will be interesting to see. Her schooling has been going really well and her speech therapist is doing a great job! It is hard to believe that not even 2 years ago, she still wasn’t really talking for herself or making more than 3 word phrases (if we were lucky). Miracle workers I tell ya!! Early intervention is a MUST if your child is diagnosed with ASD.

     We got our card out to Aunt Becky today, she made it last night along with her friend’s birthday card (mailing out tomorrow, we ran out of stamps). She did such an amazing job making them both!! After that, we had dinner and ice cream (sugar free pops)! And today Unkie & Bobbi + Molly & Shelby’s cards came in the mail! It was raining outside so I went to get them (the umbrella is M.I.A.) and as she saw me walking up, I heard her squealing, “For MEEEEE?!?!?!” So adorable. I really can not thank you all enough for taking the time to send her a quick hello, it has lit up her world so much!

     So last night she got to stay up until about 10pm and her activity of the evening was the Wii. So we had some great fun! She STOMPED me and Daddy at frisbee! She absolutely loves Wii Resort. Put up bowling and she’ll play it for hours. That and frisbee. I’m glad she knows how to work the system, makes my life a bit easier, especially if I’m trying to cook! Electronics are no stranger to her. She has been able to work a remote, distinguish which movies are hers, how to turn on the tv and work the dvd player since she was about 3. When she got a bit gutsy around 4, she started to turn my computer on and proceed to try to load up A) my games B) Nick jr. website and C) local movies on my harddrive. That led me to locking my computer and giving me a feeling of security. I’ll never forget this one incident. I come out of the kitchen to check on Selena, she has taken a cooler and turned it upside down. She moved my mouse and keyboard on to the cooler. And what do you think lil Ms. Selena was doing at the grand age of 4? Trying to figure out my password!!! Get outta here!! Mastermind I tell ya!

     She loves her baby dolls. I caught her last night sitting in her rocking chair with one of her babies (this one is named Ella) and was singing to her. Trying to get her asleep so she could keep bowling. She had Ella all wrapped up, and was rocking her while holding the fake bottle up to Ella’s mouth and singing. A memory to cherish for sure!

     Back to today….we visited Grammy at lunch today! Happy Meals and ‘fish hamburgers’ (ma likes the fish filets) was our meals. Nothing like some greasy burgers to coat your belly. I am not a huge fan of any fast food, but exceptions can be made, especially for Grammy! They are so cute together. Selena loves Grammy’s attention and their interactions are so fun to witness. They both seem excited and happy to be together, I love it! She even got to visit Mrs. Pat and Mr. Bill, I’m glad she got to see them today, they are such good people! Selena still has the special polar bear that Mr. Bill and Mrs. Pat got for her, it matches Princesses’ bear….sort of. So cute.

     Back on track Julia, geesh!! Ah yes. Today. The closet is still a wreck, I need to go finish it! One of my big projects to get done today is her puzzles. She LOVES puzzles and is so good at putting them together! So, we’ve been gifted and have purchased quite a few over the years and as we all know, children don’t clean up that well all the time. I now have a beach bucket full of pieces….I got some bags and have been seperating them, numbering them (all of one puzzle gets numbered the same on the back) and putting them in a new section. Yes, I have some crazy organizing habits, but we might as well throw them away if they stay all jumbled together – that’s no fun! So needless to say, I’ll be putting children puzzles together for a good part of this afternoon, while she plays with her figurines and doll houses. Just a quick side note, I love cleaning her room up when she’s gone, because when she gets home, it’s always like a toy shop. We have barely gotten any new toys, but she’s still so excited everytime she walks into her room. “Oh Mommy, who cleaned my room? Oh thank you so much, it’s so beautiful! I will never, never, never make a mess again” Suuuure!!! (Yes, she still cleans her room herself and does a fabulous job).

     This weekend is going to be intense, might not be back on here until after Halloween! Between tonight, Grammy & Papa’s tomorrow, the festival on Sunday with all the girls and Halloween on Monday, I might be too busy to report in! She has updated her costume to a kitty princess ice fairy….oooh boy, now we’re talkin!
Pssst…I can hear her talking about Birthdays in her room to her toys…siiiigh.



October 11/12, 2011 October 12, 2011

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     So the interesting, slightly irritating Birthday Mode is over! I found the culprit and it was because of me (compounded with Papa’s birthday)! When we went to the library last week, I let Selena get a Dora movie…about her Big Birthday Adventure! *facepalm* These types of things I try to be aware of, but sometimes, when those lil eyes are looking up at me and she asks ever so sweetly…I tend to give in! Oh you know you would to! So it is safe to say that Birthday Mode is hereby declared over! Until Unkie’s birthday, which is less than a 2 weeks away!!

     She is working on her months, so she knows that Halloween is right around the corner, boy is she excited! Last year she did really well, except for the fact that the 2 weeks after Halloween are difficult, (for us mostly)! Trick or treat, that’s all we heard from her and that was all she wanted to act out, for weeks. That just means that she’ll be extra ready this year! She has been planning her costume for a month or 2, a princess with a crown, and wand and slippers, pretty much her play clothes we have! Yay for our pocketbook!! Another thing to be thankful for! She is afraid of toys that make noise or move. Which makes Christmas a pretty quiet event, other than all the squeals of joy.

     Yesterday (the 11th) we got a few visitors! One was bearing gifts, which just happened to include, a set of kitty ears, mitten gloves and a wand! She was a Super Reader for the rest of the night! Library, store, jetty, everywhere we went she told anyone who asked her a question just who she was and avoided the question all together. We had an amazing dinner with all the girls, they are so adorable, we are definitely going to have our hands full when they get older! Our other visitor was Unkie, she was so excited to see him and was even more excited to hear that his birthday was coming up! She tried to give him one of her library books as a present. Too cute.

Oh yea! I almost forgot to mention that her god-mother, one of my nearest, dearest and closest friends, visited us on Tuesday! She is so good with Selena and is a great friend to listen to me all the time! She brought Selena a pretty little necklace, that she just loves! But, she has not taken it off yet because she says they are her magic crystals, just like Dora! Selena believes, without a doubt, that they are real. It kind of worries me that she has such a non-existent line between reality and imaginary.

     I haven’t spoken much about her progress at school lately. She is doing really, really well. So good that we haven’t had but 2 ‘rough spots’ noted on her take home sheet! She is now helping the other children if she sees they need it, holding the doors open, and assisting with classroom activities. Is this the same little girl we were dealing with 3 weeks ago?! I always told her old teachers that they wouldn’t believe it, but she is a very good child, when she’s in her own element.

     She is sticking stickers on me right now saying a “You did it….(insert action)” “…such a good job, not cry” “…such a good job, super helper” I have earned 9 Selena stickers so far! The first thing she tells herself, as she’s sticking these on her “You did it, its your birthday”…..man… I thought it was over!! Ah well, at least it has calmed down, a bit.

     There is one thing I’m worried about, when it comes to school. She is a parrot, she will say what you say, do what you do and I’m hoping that she will not pick up on any behaviors her fellow classmates might display! I’m a bit distracted today, but it’s a good distraction. Selena now has the jump rope and is tossing it my way saying, “I’ll rescue you mommy, you’re in the water!” (I’m sitting on our blue rug). I’m glad she wants to interact with me today! So yes, as I ramble on here, I am slightly rather distracted, I’ll try to remain focused.

     One last thought, before I go to finish laundry…great, now the jump rope is a phone, I’m never finishing this!!! Within this last month, her sense of adventure is increasing. She has no issues hopping on her bike and taking off, without anyone even remotely close. She sped off and was at least 9 houses down before she even looked behind her (for a split second) and took off! She wanted to walk with her baby stroller and she kept trying to escape! It took everything in me to try to get her to understand that she can’t just go-go-go. Maybe she’ll understand the next time she tries to go hunting for the next lemonade stand!