Dirty Shoes

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August 22, 2014 August 23, 2014

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So, I am not of the religious sorts, however I do have a sense of faith and understanding that I should do good. Lately things have been dark, although I mask it well on the webz. Last night I sure did get my sign saying, perk the fck up life is great, be thankful. We were getting bubs ready for a bath, Robble takes him to get him nekkid and I was getting the tub ready…well the sling looked wonky so I took it apart and well….broke it. As Robble is waiting for me with a nekkid babe in his hands, I do a switcheroo and trade him, so he could fix the sling. We get fidgity and I plop into the tub, clothes and all, ready to say screw it and get bubs washed before he poops or pees on everything. This is where it gets painfully interesting. I am sitting there at the opposite end of the tub, Jacob in my hands and I look up at the shower head. Before I know it, the soap caddy, 2 full shelves, 1 soap & hook layer, all metal…FALLS on my damn shin! Are you serious??? Ouch! That hurt. My jaw drops, I pull him close to me as he starts crying because it startled him. That could’ve been him. It could’ve landed right on his head and chest. All these bottles and this metal rack could’ve really fcked him up. Something was watching out for our little squish and I am thankful. This isn’t the first time I have been saved and I’m sure it isn’t the last. I am thankful that it was me and not him. Thankful that I decided to screw with the sling. Not only did we have a bonding moment but I saved us an ER trip.


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