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February 25, 2014 August 4, 2014

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Well hello! It’s been a mighty long while hasn’t it. Today is Selena’s 8th birthday! We have been through our ups and downs and all arounds over these last 8 years, but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. We celebrated her birthday this last Sunday and she was completely spoiled by all of our loved ones. I was in shock with how our family came through for her, I am so thankful to have them in our lives! They listen to our rants, help us with her behaviors and follow through with our silly ways. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Selena has been doing well in school, she is in the VE class still, she is excelling with her computer work and has surpassed into some 3rd grade work! However on her report card it shows that she is below level for Math and Lang Arts, which has me a bit puzzled because her teacher told me she’s past 2nd grade curriculum. We just updated her IEP, which was….SO AWESOME! Got to meet with the social worker and do all the testing again and updated all of our information, etc. 2 hours later we were done, for the next 3 years at least.

Her teachers decided together that they did not see a need for her to attend ESY (Extended School Year) so she is not eligible for that at this time! Yay! No summer school! How awesome! Whenever we would have any kind of school break where she took off more than just the weekend, the teacher would notice a regression with her learned information so we always had to have her go to summer school. I don’t know how it is around you, but here it is rather stressful to figure out child care, especially for someone who has issues with a basic summer camp and can’t just go anywhere! So ESY in our school district for elementary schools starts around 9am, gets out around 1:45pm and they don’t attend on Fridays and then through the summer some Tuesdays and Wednesdays they don’t go. AND they get a week off in the middle for the 4th of July week and they get let out of ESY about 6 weeks before school starts….Maybe this year I should offer child care to those kids who need it from ESY because it was just a pain to pull that together. Thankfully we had Tameka that would assist with that. I know, I know, I should be thankful they offer this program in our district, but at times it does more harm than good. Quite honestly I am glad that she doesn’t have to go for a number of reasons.

Behaviors. Ah my favorite part of our little conversations. What’s new?

We are still working on the anxiety and our morning routine. Prime example, she was standing out front waiting for the bus, back pack on and all, and the bus pulled up. Guess what happens next! She starts screaming and arching her back because we weren’t right out there beside her to give her hugs goodbye the second the bus pulled up, 5 minutes late. The BUS was late! We were on time! She is crying and runs to the bus screaming “I’m late!” The driver is smart now and doesn’t open the door until Selena is totally down there because she’ll bang her shins, which is a painful situation to witness.

I am still trying to get her to brush her hair, by herself. She likes to just slap the brush against her head and scream out it hurts. Well duh? Really? It’s going to hurt if you do that!! So I have been taking my hand over hers and adjusting her wrist as necessary to brush her hair. One day Selena…one day.

Teeth brushing has gotten better because Grammy & Paw Paw got her an electric toothbrush. We had to show her that she couldn’t just slowly run the toothbrush across her teeth and that she still needed to brush her teeth normally. After a bit of fussing, she’s gotten it down now and is just about a pro.

Going to bed at night has been a challenge! She is rolling and turning and fumbling around just as wide awake as can be. I feel for her and don’t question her attitudes or crazy moods right now because I know she’s got to be tired! In bed at 8:30 pm, check on her at 9 pm – still awake, check on her at 9:30 pm – still awake and needs lotion on her leg because it’s itchy, 10 pm – still awake and she’s thirsty now, 10:30 pm she is dozing off finally, then after that when I go to check on her she is talking in her sleep like she’s still partially awake. No wonder she’s exhausted and freaking out, Selena just has got to be so tired. Her eyes will show when she’s having a rough day, emotional or physical, so that’s when we know we really need to just halt everything and change our surroundings a little bit. I need to find something that works for her. Selena has been taking showers in the morning from time to time and that puts her in a decent mood actually, so we might just start doing that more often and skip the night time bathing.

This next quirk is an issue we are dealing with at home and at school. If Selena is presented a problem, situation or task that requires in depth critical thinking, she will just shut down and not do it. If a math problem isn’t to her liking or if we are asking her to do something that requires an actual thought process. All we can do is keep working with her and keep presenting her with these situations so we can try to work through them together so she will be more successful in life.


(Why did I not post this?!!!)


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