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October 30, 2013 October 30, 2013

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So Selena is going to be a big sister here on May 4, 2014!! She is very excited about becoming a big sister to a little baby!

Her teeth have been falling out pretty well. She lost both top teeth and then a little canine beside her one top tooth. Only 1 tooth has been coming in up top, so it’s a bit awkward right now for her.

School has been going well, we just had her IEP review because it is time for updates since her initial IEP. It went interesting. I finally met the school psychologist, she hasn’t been a part of any other IEP meeting, so I am unsure as to why she sat in at this one. She just kept forcing her opinion that Selena isn’t in the Spectrum and that Selena needs to be reevaluated because she doesn’t feel that it is even a PDD that Selena is dealing with. I feel as though she is not correct with her judgement. She was very opinionated, thinks that Selena just manipulates and does things that kids this age haven’t learned yet. Well duh. If no kid in her age range has been tested and reviewed for these types of behaviors because they don’t possess the ability to have learned them yet, then WHY would Selena be any different. I don’t know, I don’t like her and I hope that we don’t have to interact again. She was not open to any suggestion other than her own and I don’t appreciate that. When you’ve met one Autistic kid, you’ve met ONE Autistic child.

Yes, Selena is high functioning, but you cannot tell me that she isn’t in the spectrum, there are too many behaviors that line up and too many instances, recorded events, actions and conversations with her that would prove otherwise. If for some chance her first diagnosis was wrong, I will grant a window for error, however her GARS reports, her observations, and everything else tends to prove otherwise. No she is not as bad as other kids, but yes, her issues are still very very very real. Her anxiety makes her just about non-functioning.

Her teacher did point out about how smart she is and how she is right on track with the curriculum and other children for 2nd grade which is WONDERFUL!!! However, if we could only get her emotions and anxiety under control then just think of how much more she could learn and retain in just a year of school. Shoot, a month of schooling! I have faith that this will all work itself out. She is getting better and better every single day and I have no doubt that she won’t be something amazing when she gets older, because Selena is already something amazing now.

We have to go to dance class now, we have enrolled her in Jazz, Hip-hop and Tap and she loves it! She mostly just loves shaking her butt and looking at herself in the mirror at class. Haha. I am just glad that we can have her involved with something where she feels that she is a part of something greater.

I have class tonight after dance, so I will try to update more then and post another post up to finish what I was thinking.



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