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August 23, 2013 August 24, 2013

Hey, hey! Has it been 2 to 4 months between my posts? Not quite there yet. I’ll come back later 😉 Hah just kidding! A lot of exciting and new things happening in our lives, that’s for sure! School just started this week and Selena is doing…alright. She is having a hit and miss kind of attitude, I’m sure it will level out once she get into more of a routine again.

This is a quick post, time seemed to have gotten away from me tonight. Some awesome points to make!!

They are going to move her from the self isolated room she’s in now and try her in a regular “VE” class, which is just a special ed class that has more than 6 kids and more work! I’m excited they will be working more with her with her writing and making complete sentences, she is not very good at that right now. She likes to put capital letters mixed into the sentences and she does not really like to be told to change it.

Hoping this all works out, this is a big step up for her!! We are so so so so so proud of you Selena!!

Also, Selena is going to be a big-big sister, we just found out that I am pregnant! I’m sure that this will be stressful for her as well, so I know that I’ll do everything I can to help make sure that this transition will go as smoothly as possible. The other girls are excited as well, Hope said good night to my belly. So adorable! Emma has her reservations, she is worried that we will throw her to the side when the baby comes! No way!! That will NEVER happen, we love our girls, each and every one of them and yes the baby will take some more attention at times, but that doesn’t mean we are going to leave the girls in the cold. We love them too much for that!

Selena lost both front teeth and all of the new ones are growing in nicely! I hope she can get her grinding under control, I’d hate to try to get her to use a mouth guard. Oi vey.

Girl Scouts tonight was challenging, she did not want to participate and spent most of the time hiding under the table and being in the back room hiding under a chair. She kept saying she was scared and couldn’t do it. I just let her be in a comfortable space and eventually talked her into coming back over, with my arm around her the whole time. I don’t know what was going on with that, but we are now have the meetings at our home, so that is also a big change, for all the girls! OOOOOOHHH and Emma and Hope are now in our troop!! Yippee!!!

I am now also going to college in the evening, Selena is handling that really well, we have been preparing for this for about a month. I’m glad we did, because if I’m just the slightest bit late coming home from work, she gets very worried and worked up, thinking that I’m never going to come home. Poor kid.

Time schedules in the morning are hell! She thinks she is always late for the bus, screaming, throwing herself down, jumping up into these split jumps and being very anxious. Mind you that this happens when she is standing on the driveway and the bus pulls up. Today she was taking her medications and the bus came, all I did was say that the bus was here and she totally lost it. I had to walk her up to the bus, she was panicking and screaming. The bus helper was trying to help her, but Selena was just arguing that she was late. I hope we can work through this, because it seems like a bad mental time for Selena and I know that I just want her to be happy, especially when she leaves us.

Ok, it’s late and I’ve tortured my darling enough. Hope to write more soon.


“The Night Owl”


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