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August 10, 2013 August 11, 2013

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Time sure does fly when life is busy! We just did our bridging/re-dedication ceremony today and Selena is an official Brownie Scout! How exciting! Emma and Hope joined the troop so we are going to have a blast with them as well!

Selena has been having a rough time with the transitioning back into the thoughts of going to school. She is having a bunch of meltdowns, having a hard time understanding things and being pretty defiant. The defiance is probably just due to her age and not the autism, but you just never know.

So I was thinking, at my rate of posting, it is going to be perfect for a movie when we get some more years down the path. Annnnnd…fade scene… hehe. Oh the joy of recording everything. I wish I were better at it. My plate is still rather full and I just tacked a bunch more things on. College! I will be going to college after work on Tuesdays, (after Cheer) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We have been prepping her for it since whenever I get home late from work she freaks out. I don’t want this to be too difficult on her. At least it will only be for a few years and we will all be in a better place. I just worry with me being gone so much in the evenings, it makes me sad to think of missing out on dinners, homework and Wednesday’s bed times. At least it will give Daddy-O and Selena a chance to do some bonding. I think it’s important for a Daddy and daughter to stay close, this is a great opportunity.

We’ve been telling her which days I will be home late so she’s been telling our babysitter that she will be with Daddy on those days, which was rather confusing for Tameka until we explained everything to her. Selena has been having a blast with Tameka this summer. First it started out with going to Donna and Jude’s after summer school, which was interesting. Jude is special like Selena so they either loved each other or hated each other. Very set in their ways. LOL! It was good for her to hang around another child, so it was alright, they worked through their differences. Now she’s been hanging out with Tameka which started out good but now she is just being grumpy, lots of meltdowns and really tired. I don’t understand the being tired part, but maybe since everything is kind of a emotional roller coaster for her right now. We are trying to maintain the emotionally supportive role even though at times she deserves a swift butt spankin. They have been going to the library for all of the fun activities that they have to offer and playing with other little friends.

We recently took her out to celebrate her reading 30 books this summer so far! We went to Snook Haven and she enjoyed her time eating chicken wings and listening to live music after we spent the afternoon at the pool. She can swim with no floaties on….mostly!! She gets herself so worked up that she can’t focus and just gives up. I hope that she will continue to grow and be able to work through this so that these little things don’t stop her from accomplishing her goals. Selena loves the water and enjoys doing cannonballs into the water!

She lost her 2 front teeth and the Tooth Fairy treated her very well! She is loving the missing front teeth because now she looks like either a Tiger or a (nice) vampire. So adorable.

School is starting in 1 week from Monday, that should be interesting. She is wanting to go back very badly.

*Sorry, passing out, will have to write more later, sorry 😦 *



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