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June 4, 2013 June 5, 2013

Selena is getting ready to bridge into Brownies and we have made it through our first year! We have had our ups and downs with behaviors but overall she is such a great little girl. She has been acting out a bit more since it’s becoming the end of the school year, but naturally so. There has been little to no self injury and I believe it’s partly because she has a few semi-loose top front teeth that are taking up her idle hand behaviors like picking and scratching! Hooray! We are so proud of her and how much she’s grown.

The school ended, she did not meet any of her I.E.P. goals this quarter but is making progress and I’m so proud of her, she has come a long way! I like to look back at my older posts and see how much she has grown, all she has accomplished and everyone who has supported her along the way. Such a huge thank you, you rock! We have had our ups and downs with schooling and our challenges with first grade. From smacking and pushing classmates to being pushed into bookcases, it’s been a rough year, but everyone came out ahead and some even with “I’m sorry for hitting you” cards! It has also been a really great year with her making friends, reading better and better, doing math equations like no tomorrow (when she wants to) and even enjoying after-care; meltdowns do occur but almost no issues! Hooray!! She is going to be trouble when she gets older! She has had 1 kiss, 2 boyfriends and 1 husband through this school year. Since she will be in the same class next year, but with a 2nd grade curriculum, I bet she will have 3 ex husbands HAH!! At least they know to not mess with her or she’ll pop them one, oh goodness.

We went through the motions and had a PT evaluation done because her doctor recommended it. We have been waiting to get it done due to insurance reasons and also because I didn’t really think that she had a serious issue, just an irritating one. I kept pushing it back and we are usually so busy it seems to get the back burner. So push comes to shove and I take her up there during our doctor extravaganza Selena and myself had one day. Everything went really well and there was no follow-up recommended, which I figured was going to be the case. What irritating issue did we have? It’s been so long I don’t remember if I wrote about it or not so I’ll tell you again. She loved to drag her toes in her shoes. She would shred a pair of shoes in a week and a half to 2 weeks, well only the tips of them. I mentioned it to the doctors and they wanted to have a physical therapy eval done, I agreed although I think that she does it for stimulation reasons. We  went and it was all good, no reason to pursue it any further.

That day was crazy! We had 3 doctors appointments and 1 Girl Scout shop to attend and a meeting! First up we had her doctor’s appointment to clear her from a month and a half ear infection, yay finally better! Then a dentist appointment because it seems as though she is grinding her teeth down and it looks like it’s going to be painful here soon enough, hopefully they fall out soon! I was not impressed at all! They were trying to tell me that Selena couldn’t be autistic because of how she interacted with them. I was rather irritated and I can not f’n stand when people dribble ignorance out of their mouth like they have seen it all. I have a standing appointment with Dr. Bowles so I don’t understand why I had to jump through 6 hoops, 4 of them being wrong and then back through the 1st one just to get her looked at by someone else so they can tell me she isn’t doing anything to her teeth that isn’t “normal”, try to teach her Spanish and try to tell me that she can’t have autism. F them, never going back, quit with the autism stereotypes already!

While I’m on that soap box, I will just vent a tad bit more. I am well aware that Selena’s name is very Hispanic, I can not deny that because she has her biological father’s last name and he comes from a Cuban family. Moving forward, whenever we go to a new doctor or anything with the health dept at all and school board at times, we get notices sent to us in Spanish even though English is clearly marked. At that P.T. eval we were in the waiting room and we were called up to fill out some more paperwork and as Selena and myself were walking up I see the receptionist turn her head and make a comment to her co-worker about how “she got the wrong paperwork” and “I thought you told me you saw they were hispanic” – “Yea I was just looking at the name.” Really? I’m right here and a bit offended. I shrug it off and move forward. But it’s seriously so irritating!! I can’t wait until we all have the same last name!! The girls are really really excited to be in the wedding! So are we!

Our garden has been doing well, we’ve been getting to harvest our yummies and the tomatoes have been spectacular and I don’t want to ever have a store bought tomato ever again! The heat is a hard one to fight off, we are definitely learning which plants will not survive a summer in Florida. We have more Cayenne peppers than we know what to do with, I have to figure out how to preserve them properly so when we get enough harvested we can make an oil or something similar. You have any suggestions, that would rock! Selena really enjoys to help in the garden and she is our awesome grasshopper remover. She has no fear, she will pick up a full grown grasshopper (who like to mate in our backyard for some reason) and carry it to the fence to get out of our garden, while reprimanding it for even thinking of eating our leaves. I just love her! Selena used to enjoy being in the garden more than now, she has this issue with getting her hands dirty…she has always had a texture issue. Couldn’t play with play-dough for the first 5/6 years of her life, has issues fingerpainting, mud or when she gets a hair on her (which is bad because mine goes almost to my butt and they are LONG heh) and now she is getting pickier with her socks. We work around it and she helps out using tools and picking the fruit. The best parts I think!

Selena has an obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she loves them and is a part of their crew. She’s Rose, Raphael’s sister and we gifted her a dress up set for her graduation present. It includes Raphael’s eye mask and sais, weapons, and she wears it all over the place! She hasn’t even complained lately that we took the movies away. Only watched them for 3 or 4 days and she was hitting kids at school so we removed them from the house. She had perked back up and was doing well in school again so we rewarded her with the dress up costume that she was eye-balling. I’m glad to see her so happy! I would like to add that the new TMNT are nothing like I remember, I’m pretty excited they are back in a new light with way better imaging technology. I’m happy that we could show her the older style cartoon, even if only for a few days. I feel like I’m getting so old, heh.

Grammy and Papa visits are always a blast, they are always doing a new craft or going on an adventure. Selena sure does fill up there on some delicious foods and I don’t blame her! The crafts Grammy does with her are always so neat, ya know….I am looking for another co-leader as of yesterday…hint, hint. I’m excited for when Selena is a Brownie because there is a bug badge and that is right up Papa’s alley! She is so cute with him, you can tell she loves her Papa.

Church visits with Mahja have been most interesting, Selena is enjoying herself and I’m glad that she is getting that experience. I think she just likes hanging out with Mahja! I always try to get her to tell me some things that happened while she was in Sunday school but she always tells us that she doesn’t know but she is happy so that’s good enough for me! That’s a fun day because we get to spend time with Mahja. Who I have to say is a pretty awesome woman right about now and I am blown away at what we’re doing to go do in 9 days. We’re going to Disney for a 3 day excursion! I know right!! We are so incredibly excited, I can’t believe it honestly, we are so blessed. I can’t wait to see Selena and the girls’ faces when we get into there. Grammy is coming as well and she just loves Disney so it will be a blast for sure!!

Guess what Selena can do now!! With the help of arm floaties but still….she can swim! She is blowing me out of the water by how good she’s getting at it! Once she could put her face in the water, we were able to get somewhere! Getting all those parts working at once doing different things can be a challenge. Move your arms, move your legs and hold your breath at the same time is a lot to do! She is doing really awesome. I saw this thing for the Special Olympics swim team and I tried to get information to join her up but she has to be 8 to sign up. No, I do not think that she ready for hardcore swimming, but maybe they have something for her ability level and could be good for her to be introduced into a team type activity so she can learn healthy competition and that it’s ok that other people “beat” her and are independent with their choices (not what she wants them to do). I have been thinking a lot about soccer over the past year and was thinking of trying to get her into that. Selena says that she likes it, but I’m not sure if that will be something we can swing with our current schedules and all the activities our family is already involved in.

We have made it through our first year in Girl Scouts with only a few hiccups and I am stoked for next year! We will have a Daisy/Brownie split troop and will be doing more activities since all of our Daisy petals have been earned and the journeys  are pretty much done through. I’m not really impressed with the Daisy ones, the Brownie level journeys are much better in my opinion. We had a fun year, we just recently visited a fire station and saw all the ins and outs of the trucks and where they stay. The girls even got to meet a new nurse that recently joined the BayFlite team and was a mom to a Junior scout herself! She asked them if they knew their promise and gave them a detailed tour of the helicopter. What a great time, the staff did a wonderful job and the girls had a blast! We will be doing our Clover Project soon enough so when we do our bridging ceremony we will also have our Clover Award ceremony so the entire troop can be involved! It will be a blast and we will also get to have some local Brownie girls come to the ceremony so our new Brownies can be welcomed into that level. If anyone reading this can dedicate every other Thursday from 6:00-7:15/7:30ish, open for communication and creative insight, occasional weekends and event dates please let me know! It’s a lot of fun and the girls are great, I’d like to give them an amazing Girl Scout experience and you can help too!

Holy cow, I think this is long enough, it’s late and we have to be up extra early so we can shuffle everyone to their respective places and still be to work on time. I will try my best to be back soon, working on getting back into the groove of it, too many gaps for so many events!

Much love,



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  1. Becky Says:

    Love reading your post and how Selena is doing. I love you girls!

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