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September 10, 2012 September 11, 2012

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Another post, so soon! I know, I know! Selena has just been going through some more of her old behaviors and I wanted to get them jotted down while they were still fresh in my mind. I am not sure about what’s going on with her, but I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. The best way to do that is to increase recording of events, add times (if possible) and look for patterns. So on that note, I shall continue with what’s going on with her as of late.

The rest of the weekend went well, Sunday we had lots of fun around the house playing pretend, went swimming at Mahja’s (brrr it was cloudy and the weather was rainy off and on), eating a yummy dinner at Mahja’s house, then back to our house to round up their belongings and then we had to bring them back to their mom’s. Selena was repeating almost everything Daddy and myself were saying, including directions and what we wanted them to do. When we did a bit of light shopping for necessary supplies, Selena was yelling at them to hurry up, don’t touch anything and to “come on, come on”. I would like to add that we don’t talk like that to them, we rarely ask them to keep up with us, but we aren’t rude about it. Oh I almost forgot! They had a test of patience at the store when we were looking for new flip-flops for the girls. Emma and Selena had found matching flips and we were having a lot of problems trying to find a pair that was Hope’s size. No luck. How do you have 1 size smaller than 8 and 1 size larger than 8 with an entire Wal-Mart shoe section completely lacking to have one pair that fit her tiny little feet. That caused some serious tidal waves in our shopping experience, so none of them got to get shoes because Hope wanted us to get her dress shoes instead and well…that wasn’t going to happen and she didn’t feel it was fair for them to get flips and not her. Ugh. So while we were trying to resolve this issue, Selena was reminding us constantly to hurry up and to move on while pacing around the shoe aisle, Emma chilling on a seat and Hope frantically searching the shoes and crying. Daddy to the rescue! He helped calm Hope down, we moved on and finished our shopping trip with 3 extra ring pops and smiles all around. In the van, the girls like to sing and play pretend and generally have a great time. Selena didn’t want anything to do with them majority of the time and resisted joining in their activities. She did join in a few times, but mostly she sat their quietly.

I would like to add that when they were swimming, they all did a really great job and the goggles that Mahja got for them, are SO CUTE! They all look absolutely adorable in them. Selena has happy that she was ‘swimming’ again and she considered herself a full fledged mermaid. We tried to get her to move both her hands and feet simultaneously while she was swimming and it is just too confusing for her to hold her breath, kick her feet, paddle her hands and keep her bearings all at the same time. She is getting there, it’s just going to take a lot more time and practice than the other girls. Selena had a blast and was very excited with herself so that’s all that matters to me. I just want to see her happy.

At the table she didn’t eat a whole lot and didn’t join in our conversations. During the favorite time of the day talk, she couldn’t pick out an activity for that day and was picking things from the previous day. I tried to explain to her what happened that day and she just wouldn’t have any part of it.  I have noticed that more and more she closes her eyes and rolls them back when she’s eating. Also I have to cut everything up into perfect bite sizes because she doesn’t judge how large it is and will just shove the whole thing in her mouth. She complained of her belly hurting and being full more often lately. She wanted to go lay down during almost every meal and just looks drained.

She’s been going to bed super early lately and it usually is a challenge for her to get to bed. Now it’s a challenge to get her to stay awake! She was becoming so independent in the morning. Walking to the bathroom, helping getting dressed, brushing her own teeth, even attempting to brush her own hair. Now she isn’t wanting to walk to the bathroom anymore, she doesn’t want to get dressed, asking her to brush her teeth and hair is instant meltdown. She cries, screams out, stiffens up, shakes and refuses to do what is asked of her. Selena repeats over and over that, ‘her hands are tired’, ‘her legs are broken’, ‘her arms are broken’, ‘her belly hurts’, while crying and refusing to do what is asked. She will put her hands right up to her mouth, half an inch away and she’ll say she can’t reach. It has become a nightmare anymore and I am struggling to get her back to where she was.

School is going alright, however she is starting to have meltdowns in class, climbing under desks and refusing to do her work. She also isn’t really eating her meals in school, but she is eating her green beans… lots and lots of green beans. She is addicted to them now! I think she is doing well in after care because she gets a fresh dose of her medication and it is in full swing when she gets in with all those other children.

At home she has been quiet, even after school she is constantly telling us her arms are broken and her legs are broken. She’s been running in circles a lot more than  usual and hanging upside down off the couch rather frequently. She has been doing more side ways looking and eye rolling. She’s being more defiant when it comes to simple things like going potty and telling us she can’t do it and throwing herself around. Selena will tell us she has to go to the bathroom, we give her the ‘okay’ to go (since she feels she requires permission every time she goes) and she then pitches a fit and tells us she can’t do it. Her independence level is decreasing even though her age increases. I don’t understand what’s going on with her and I don’t know what I can do to help her any more than we already are.

Today she just looked so tired, run down, ready to give in for the day. After dinner she didn’t even get up from the table and was falling asleep at the table, Daddy had to carry her. I’m going to keep my eye on her a bit closer and be writing more frequently until we can get to the bottom of it.

On a side note, I got the contact number for the other woman who is going to be leading the troop with me, gave her a call and left a message. I hope I hear back from her soon, as I am getting the list of girls tomorrow, calling the school tomorrow to see if we can use their facility for our meetings and going to the scout shop to get all our leader/daisy goodies! Selena is very excited at the thought of Girl Scouts and can’t wait for our first meeting. Daddy is going to be a troop helper and it’s going to be a lot of fun, even though I’m still really nervous.

Also, you guys rock!!! Some of our most near and dear friends have so selflessly donated to Selena’s Instride fundraiser! Pauline, Erin & Gareth, Pat & Bill, Aunt Becky, Uncle Greg & Aunt Loretta, and Grammy & Papa to only name a few. We have almost reached our goal, which means we’ll just have to make it higher! There is still time if you feel like giving 🙂 We love you all so much and I truly can’t express my appreciation or gratitude enough for your awesome acts of kindness.  Everyone is welcome to attend her session on Sat. Oct. 6th, I think they said they will have games and stuff set up to make it more fun and interesting. We’ll have to see!

Much love



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