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Join us with our journey through Autism Spectrum Disorder

September 3, 2012 September 4, 2012

School has been going so well for Selena! On Friday we got a note home saying that she has already passed the next 2 weeks of Dolch sight words reviews, which is AWESOME! When we were at Unkie and Bobbi’s house today for a BBQ, Bobbi pulled up her list of Dolch sight words and Selena got to the letter G with only a few error words before she got herself worked up and didn’t want to do it anymore. Very impressed and excited that she’s doing so well in school and as much as I was against putting her on medication, I must admit that she is soaring! We have been cutting her doses (mostly because I failed in having them refilled in enough time and not planning ahead for the holiday weekend) and we can really see the change in how she acts and her behaviors. Today she was non stop! Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. OMG, just stop talking, for 2 seconds! Picking at fingers, giving us her crazy eyes, being more defiant and having meltdowns. We haven’t really experienced meltdowns at home when it’s just been her and us, in quite a while, so it was definitely a bit shocking to see her act out. Ah well, that’s what we get for messing with her head.

I got a great recipe for some homemade finger paints, so I crafted them up, let them cool and guess what happened? Selena hated it. She didn’t like how the paint felt on her fingers and went into almost total meltdown mode. She did however paint a single picture. A frown face with tears. Hah. So I have learned that if we want to paint, that there must be brushes or it will end badly. We have done other crafts that include making homemade crayons, bead crafts and drawing pictures for her family members to be mailed out. When the girls were over we made some more crayons, they had a blast picking out the colors, peeling them (Daddy to the rescue), breaking them, watching them melt and then inevitably coloring with them. Little Hope had the most fun coloring and giggling every time she would draw a line and it would turn a few different colors, Emma was the instructor showing them just how to color with them and Selena had a blast doing her own thing.

When the girls were over, we had quite a bit of fun. From hanging out and playing pretend to going to Panera for the best mac & cheese, to swimming at Mahja’s again, to getting prepared for the storm that never came and just having fun being a family! There were quite a few instances of meltdowns, tantrums, arguments and territory issues but hey, we are dealing with a 5, 6 and 7 year old! I would like to add that when we went swimming, they all had goggles on that were to die for! I could not stop giggling at how cute they all looked! Each girl wore their goggles around Mahja’s house for a good 30 minutes before we even got to the pool!! Selena was very excited to get her face in the water and be able to open her eyes underwater that I thought she was going to lose it completely! She didn’t hesitate at all to start swimming underwater and swam about 6 feet by herself under the water. Selena is really getting there and we’re all very proud of how quickly she has gotten the hang of it!! You rock sista! That next Wednesday we had a quick evening of math homework, chicken nuggets and pretend time.

Thursday we went to explore the option of Girl Scouts and I have to say, I am super excited for her to join up!! I was a GS for 10 years, Leader in Training, helped with cookie sales and graduated out of it when I was 18. We went to her school to meet a few of the leaders in the area and to sign her up. They had a table all set up with crafts so that the parents could talk about what Girl Scouts entails and all that jazz. She introduced herself to some of the other girls, took a seat and started doing the crafts that they had out for all the girls! They had a tent set up, which she thoroughly enjoyed going in and out of, she even took off her shoes. Girls Scouts have new books and badges and I have to say, I wish they had those to work through when I was a Girl Scout. So we get her signed up, and we get the email saying that there are enough girls to start a troop with the girls in her school and I am excited to volunteer as a Co-Leader but I am hesitant because I don’t want to be a leader, I am nervous about being a co-leader as well. So needless to say, I haven’t responded to her email yet, volunteering myself. Hope is going into gymnastics again (which I thought she said she wanted to do Girl Scouts too?) and I am wanting to go check that out for Selena as well, although, I don’t want to put too much on her plate at once. Emma is doing cheer and dang it if I don’t want Selena to do that too! I want to get her involved with things where other ‘mainstreamed’ kids are so she can work on her social skills and not always be surrounded by only Autistic children (there is nothing wrong with that, don’t get me wrong). However, I do think we’re just going to stay with Girl Scouts and check into the gymnastics to see if that is something she would want to do, and something we can afford.

This past weekend we went shopping at Goodwill and Selena found another unicorn on a stick, that even makes noise. After Papa fixed it, he told Selena that the horse snort at the end of the track that plays was the unicorn farting, so ever since then she giggles uncontrollably when it goes off! Silly Papa. Grammy and Papa were happy to have Selena over and Selena was just as excited. They ate lots and lots of food, played in the water outside, played pretend and shared lots of hugs & kisses.

Neurology appointment on Wednesday and we’ve prepped Selena up for the visit. I believe she’s rather nervous about it but we’ll get through it. They are going to do an EEG, which Daddy says is some nodes they put on her to check her brain waves? It all seems a bit complicated to me and I’m a bit nervous myself, so I’m so glad Daddy can come too!! I will update you on what happens there, because they are wanting us to do something crazy! They was us to bring Selena in sleep deprived and said that we need to keep her up late the night before and wake her up early the morning of, don’t let her fall asleep on the way (from North Port to St. Pete at 7 am during rush hour) so that she’ll fall asleep when they are doing the tests. Well, if all works out as I hope it will, she’ll get through the visit fine either wide awake or completely asleep, doesn’t matter to me which one it is!

Oh yea, she seems to be slipping back into crazy imagination land with her not so ‘medicated’ brain just ticking away. Not that I mind it at all! I love who she is, medicated or not. I just want to see her succeed and be a happy, healthy child!



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