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August 21, 2012 August 22, 2012

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Well hello there. I’m the Queen of Procrastination. I’ve been meaning to get this post out for days and days now. Silly life seems to be getting in the way. Anyway, on to the good stuff, life has been busy! Well, busier than usual.

Where did we leave off? Where the girls were over? I believe so. Oh man, I just checked it out! I’ve missed writing about a lot of events!! Ok, so Saturday, we went to see Mahja, and she treated us to a very awesome lunch and then some swim time. As usual, Emma and Hope did AWESOME in the water and guess what happened?! Selena finally put her face in the water!!!!!!!!  We have been working on water touching her face for yearsand she finally did it!! After that, there was no stopping her, she was trying to swim like a champ, occasionally sitting on the steps and putting her face into the water. She really braces herself to do it, it’s rather amusing. We are so proud of her! The girls, especially Emma, are so sweet, thoughtful and encouraging. She swam right over to her, gave Selena a great big hug and kept saying how awesome it was she put her face in the water and how good of a job Selena did. I love seeing that with the girls. They are all so supportive of each other and try to help each other out. Emma more than the other 2, but that’s just because she’s a bit older. Either way, Selena rocked it in the water and she was trying to doggy paddle so hard, she was getting places! So after hours and hours of swimming, we headed over to the Easter in August that the Bridge Church in Venice was hosting. It was soooo hot, thank goodness that the girls were all set to get into the water slides they had available! Selena wasn’t scared or frightened with all the people  there at all, she did really great. They had some huge water slides, they are like the blow up bounce houses, but with slides and water, so it was a new experience for all of us. As we make our way to the back of the grounds, there was this huge blue slide with a shoot and pool at the end of it, had to be about 3o ft high. Emma was so excited to go down it, Selena was excited to follow Emma and Hope, well Hope is a tiny little thing who was very hesitant but didn’t want to not go down it because everyone else was. They wait in this crazy long line to get their shot at going down this enormous thing. We see Emma and Selena go down, but not Hope…so we wait, and wait, and wait…and I can see through the mesh at the top that she’s sitting up there, wiping her face. OH NO!! She’s crying and at the top of this water slide. No sooner do I think that and I see the man at the bottom of the slide start to climb his way up the ladder and retrieve our Hope from the top of this tidal wave water slide. We were supportive of her fear, calmed her down and gave her high fives for trying even though she was scared. We were there about an hour and a half, but decided to go because the girls had been out for so long, we didn’t want to push them any longer. We didn’t get to be a part of the egg drop, they opened the gates at 5:00 but they didn’t do the egg drop until 7:00 (the guy we asked said 7:30). We almost get home and it’s raining, they are in their bathing suits still, so I had a genius idea. Let’s let them play in the rain! They were so excited! They didn’t know what to do with themselves! Jumping in the puddles, watering the plants from the gutter downspout and just having fun, being little girls in the rain. Naturally after all that, they get into the bath…which didn’t last that long…no duh! They were in the water all day and were ready to be dry! They didn’t last too long after dinner, and snuggled in for a family movie.

Sunday was a pretty easy day. When we could tell they were getting a bit of cabin fever, we suggested a park visit. Since it was raining off and on, we tried to go to a park that was covered. Everywhere we went was a bit moist, but we still have fun, and I got some pretty good pictures taken. We had some lunch, played for a bit…they were rather whiny though I might add, then we went to Grammy and Papa’s to play there and visit! They had fun at their house, although Selena is very accustomed to being over there, so there was a bit of territorial issues with the toys and how everything worked. I had to go explain to her that it was the first time they were over there and to be nice, share and explain the toys, piggy food and everything to them so that they were on the same page. Papa and Grammy spoiled them with some ice cream, we then went to Subway and got some dinner. We always hate having to say good-bye to them but alas, it is what we must do.

The last week before school starts, what a joyous time for Selena. She was starting to get worked up and had some behaviors appear, but that was to be expected. She has started chewing on her cuticles, seemed to be back into serious pretend world with all her ‘friends’, spinning quite a bit more and repeating herself more often. We haven’t really noticed the ‘record on repeat’ as much since we started her medicine. Everyday a new link had to be removed and everyday it got shorter and shorter and it would make her more and more excited, taking a link off excited her so much that she started to shudder on a few occasions. Tameka and her are coming to a close with their time together and it stinks to have to end her time over there, Selena really enjoyed being with her and all of their animals. I did learn a cool way to make crayons, once I perfect it, I’ll have to post up how to do it…the right way, lol. They went swimming, on Tuesday which was great for Selena but something bad happened!! I went to pick her up and noticed this big green goop in the corner of her eye. OH NO!!! Pink eye!!! I stay home with her the following day, take her to the doctor to find out she’s contagious for another 24 hours, looks like Mommy is having a short work week. I was bummed because it was the last week she was going to be with Tameka and I was hoping she’d get to have a great week with her. Friday she went back over there but was a bit lethargic and not very excitable.

I know, I know I still have a weekend and this week to catch up on, but there is this really handsome man with a hurt back falling asleep behind me and I need to go take care of him. Finish tomorrow.



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