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August 10, 2012 August 11, 2012

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Well the weekend has officially begun! We have all 3 girls here and wowzas is the house so alive already! Last weekend was a few days of relaxation with Selena in a full blown blue power rangers costume, head gear and all, pretending to be in the Octonauts and on adventures all weekend long. We let her go to a few stores in the costume, but warned her it was going to be hot. We barely got to the store and she was all rosy from the heat… Well yea! We are in Florida and she’s sporting a full polyester outfit. Ah well, she had a blast.

So we had to fill out a GARS2 again and I always hate doing that because it makes me have to think about all the things that Selena has a problem with and how our daily life is affected by her Autism. The medication is definitely helping with her defiance when we ask her to do certain things, like put on her shoes, brush her teeth, etc. Selena still has meltdowns when it pertains to her shoes, but more often than not, she’s been more inclined to put them on…maybe because we’ve just started telling her that she’ll just go out barefoot if she doesn’t. It’s awesome that she is coming around in these ‘independence gaining’ areas, however when she brushes her teeth, she’s still learning how to do it properly and we end up having to redo it after she’s tried. She is about 90% there, so that’s great! Her rituals have started, but it’s still not controlling all aspects of her life, that makes me relieved. She has to take her medicine in the cap of the bottle or in a cup, she always puts on clothes a certain way, her blankets have to face a certain way, her princess table design has to face a certain way, which style of socks she uses by the feel of it, where her cup is on the table, her pillows have to face certain ways. Her whole nighttime routine can’t variate in any of it’s order. If we don’t put her arms in her shirt first, she freaks out because she can’t find the arm holes instantly. We can’t say: hurry, quickly, or count down – or Selena’s world will end. We can’t use pet names with her, Selena will just tell you she isn’t “cupcake” and her name is Selena. No lights on in the morning and no real speaking to her until she’s off the potty, dressed and on the couch ready to put shoes on, even then it’s only a word or 2. She has grown so much and she still have so much more to go, I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

We had the girls on Tuesday we went to the school and got her signed up for after care and the girls were not on their best behavior, but we swapped out some old uniform shirts for some ‘new’ ones. There wasn’t much for them to do there and boy did they express their boredom by running around like crazy lunatics. Wednesday we had to go back to the behavioral specialist who told us to up her medication from .5 mg to 1.5 mg since she was so hyper after she took it. Then we went to Cracker Barrel with Mahja and Selena had a blast hanging out with her and eating some delicious mac n cheese. So to sum up Wednesday, lots of driving, I’m glad that Selena doesn’t mind riding in the car.

Here we are, back to Friday. Selena has been throwing fits off and on at Tameka’s house. Over glue bottles, sticky fingers and picking up water bottles. They prevailed over the meltdowns and she has definitely been having a blast going swimming and doing lots of cool crafts throughout the week, shoot, through out the time she’s been over there! Tameka got a bunny, I can only imagine that Selena had a blast looking at it all day… or maybe she gave it up after we left this morning, but she bee lined for the bunny when we got there this morning. All the girls were just a trip when we got to the pizza place and were waiting in the van for it to be ready. What kids do when they’re bored, it amazes me and makes me try to remember what silly things I did when I was bored.

Can’t wait to see where this weekend brings us, but I do know that it’s Mahja’s birthday tomorrow so we’re going to go and celebrate with her for a bit. I feel brownies, swimming, some pretty pictures, a nice card and a great meal in store for us! But sssssssh, don’t tell her, it’s a secret…well some of it is, but I won’t tell you which parts! Time to get 3 rambunctious girls ready for bed, always a treat!  OH YEA! There is an Easter in August event at the Venice Airport tomorrow and we’re hoping to make it down so all the girls can have fun there, they’re dropping the eggs by helicopter!!!

*P.S. While I’m writing this, I hear the bath start, some whispers and giggles, then out run 3 naked girlies streaking through our house!!!! Lap after lap, giggle after giggle, the only thing they’re sporting are their smiles!

J out


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