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August 2, 2012 August 3, 2012

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This last weekend was a lot of fun. I was worried about Selena’s behavior, since she has been a bit edgy lately, but that was just a silly thought because she was one of the happiest kids this weekend! We believe her medication has gotten into her system and we are starting to see some differences with Selena…aside from the sleeping, she still isn’t getting to sleep for anything! We are now putting her in bed over a half hour earlier, but she just squirms around in bed longer. We keep forgetting to ask about melatonin and if she can take some of that before bed. The doctor today said that the combination of her 2 medications, she should be out like a light at bed time. Not so much. We’ll keep trying different things and I’m sure that something’s going to eventually work for us.

On to this past weekend! Horray, onto the fun stuff!! Friday we picked up the girls and had salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was a yummy meal. I have to say. I love the dinners we have together. We chat, giggle, do silly things and have some unplugged time together, which can be difficult in the world we live in. We don’t promote the television and we rarely turn it on for them. They enjoy just being kids, using their imaginations, being active and having fun! After dinner, we got a fire lit and roasted some marshmallows, which I am sad to report, they didn’t enjoy too much. We are talking about 3 little girls here, frilly and not afraid to express their dislikes. It was too hot, too many bugs and 2 of the 3 would rather be inside, but still wanted us to roast their marshmallows for them while they played inside! No way! Emma had fun hanging outside with us, it was almost as though she was doing something for “grown-ups” because the other girls weren’t around. So after we get them slathered in bug spray, they are done with being outside, which I think was just a ploy so they could all get into the bathtub. They always do ‘science experiments’ in the tub and have a blast. Movie time, then sleep time.

Saturday was stacked up to be a busy day. Horses, swimming, library (maybe) and who else knows what is in store for us. We all get to hippotherapy after fighting Selena to put on her shoes and wrangling all the girls into the van. Selena gets onto the horse and gets started and as usual, Daddy and myself take the other girls to see the horses in the stalls so Selena can focus on what she’s supposed to be doing. We get back to the arena and Selena was clearly distracted by us, partly because of her not wanting to be there and partly because Hope was yelling out to her and the girls just being loud. Can’t make her do what she doesn’t want to do, so her therapy session was cut short. I will admit, I was frustrated. All the time it takes to get all the girls ready, fight Selena to do the simplest of tasks, try to find time for us to get ready, then rush out to horses to find out she cuts the time in half because ‘she didn’t want to do it’ is frustrating. Ah well, there is always next week. We get some beverages at the gas station, spend 30 minutes in the bathroom during a potty break and head to our next adventure. Swimming at Mahja’s pool! The girls are little mermaids I tell ya. I wish I could swim as good as Hope does! We get to the pool, which they are all very aware of the rules, which helps make our time more enjoyable (without fear of one of them doing something silly to put themselves in danger). Selena almost has swimming down!!! She can almost swim!!! With her head above the water of course. She is definitely afraid to put her head under the water, which is ok, she just isn’t ready yet. Those noodles that are used in the water, are by far Selena’s favorite water toy. She gets on one of those things and swims all over the place. Well, I thought it was a good idea, but her inner thighs didn’t feel the same. Poor thing got some big friction burns from 3 hours of noodle rubbage. They are almost healed and we have learned a lesson! We were all so proud of Selena and how great she did in the pool. Of course Emma and Hope were swimming this way and that, jumping in, diving that way. I love watching all of them! Mahja took us to Chik-Fil-A and the girls all got some, burgers? Naw, chicken. It was so hard for them to understand that there was only chicken on the menu! That was a great meal with Mahja. Then back to her house for some Wii fun as majority of us lounged around and were plum tired out from our day! A surprise trip to the Dollar Tree for some crafting supplies and some cute lollipops. Then back to camp, as Daddy would put it, hot dogs and mac n cheese for a snack dinner. Relaxing dinner then family movie time. Bolt was such a cute movie, they all enjoyed watching it, Daddy and myself both agree that the hamster makes the movie. Sunday was an easy day, we went and got some ice cream, headed to the mall to play and then craft time at the house. Just a relaxing day all around. We had a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to have some more fun the next time they stay over.

This week went pretty smooth, her complaining of her belly hurting has dramatically gone down, which is great! She is having a blast at her babysitter’s house and is looking forward to having the weekend with Grammy and Papa. Thursday Selena got to spend a bit of time with Grammy and Papa and they went shopping (for some really cool, brightly colored socks) and had fun being together. (We are looking forward to it as well, hehe) Oh!! And thanks to TJ’s suggestion, I made a paper chain counting down the days until school starts and it has become a ritual at the house. Thank you for the great suggestion!!!

These last few years, it feels as we’ve been on the forest line searching for a break in the trees, searching for our path to head down, getting ready for our journey. I feel as though these last few weeks have really pointed us in the right direction, and we can finally start our journey. I only hope that we can set appointments for sooner rather than later!!


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  1. TJ Says:

    You areso welcome but the sounds of it you guys had a blast with all the things you did.

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