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March 11, 2012 March 11, 2012

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If it isn’t one thing, it’s another!!!! The day I wrote the previous post (Thursday), I get to school to pick her up from aftercare. As I walk in, I hear the teacher telling Selena over and over that she needs to sit and wait for me to sign her out. The teacher comes up and in passing says that she was really ‘trying her patience today’ and that the ‘honeymoon was over’. Boy, did I call that or what?! So that was Thursday and we were getting ready for the big Pride-a-Thon on Friday! We gathered up our masses and headed over to Grammy and PaPa’s to see if we could recruit some sponsors. How would they be able to resist the urge to help out Selena with her cuteness? A big, big, big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to her Pride-a-Thon, that money helps her school out in such a big way!! Plus it was Diva Day!! Which meant that she could wear her super elegant Birthday Dress to school!

Dun, dun, dun. Unfortunately, she was unable to actually run in the Pride-a-Thon due to a quick case of the stomach flu. Really?! Really?! The ONE day she’s sick in the past few YEARS just HAD to be that day? Super sad face. That morning she woke up saying her belly hurt. Time to make the assessment! No fever, no vomiting, lower abdominal pain. I labeled it as having either gas or constipation and had her sit on the potty until the bus came. Nada. Not a kerplunk to be heard. Alright. I felt bad sending her to school with a belly ache, but if it’s either of the 2, I can’t really do much and her body has to take care of it with the help of some juices. I pep talk her and try to get her to understand that if she’s not feeling better, then I will come get her.  About an hour and a half into my work day, I get the call. Ah man. I call the school back, they have her laying down in the nurses station. I explain the situation and they agree to let her lay there and see if she’ll pass anything or get worse. Since I am already planning on going to see her run her lil tail off, I get out of work and call the school to see if she’s doing better. She’s back in her classroom! Yay! But, she’s been sitting on the potty a lot, crying and being held by an aide (she fell asleep in her lap). At this point I feel terrible for her and since I was already planning on going there to watch her run, I’ll just go pick her up.

As I get the school in my visuals, my phone starts to ring. The school again, asking where I am at and how close I was. I ask the dreadful, “I can see the school now, what’s wrong?” I get the report that Selena had just started vomiting. CRAP! We’ve now gone from a belly rub and some pear juice, to a possible flu contamination. No sooner do I get in the office, do I see her teacher walking her through the double doors. White as a sheet and looking so weak. Her teacher explains that Selena decided she still wanted to run in the Pride-a-Thon (Go Selena for having determination even though she felt terrible) and as they got lined up…up it came… So my decision to go there was the best one I could have unknowingly made that day and I bet Selena was thankful she didn’t have to go back into the nurses station and could just go right home with me. I came semi prepared and had one of her favorite little frogs with me, the one from the happy meals lately, so I was hoping that would comfort her a little bit. I scooped her up and she clung on, repeating over and over, “I’m sick Mommy.” I love taking care of people, so as unfortunate it was for her to be sick, it gave me a bit of pep in my step.

On the way home, she asked me the cutest thing. “Mommy, can you make me soup, so I’ll be all better?” I say yes, and then I began to question how sick she really was. And for the following reason.  She begins to talk to the frog and the kitty, which lives in one of her slippers, and also talks for them. Having a conversation about how I’m going to make her soup, and that they’re going to help.  We get home and I get her laid on the couch while I got the supplies ready and the whole time I’m doing this, she is talking to her ‘friends’ about how she shouldn’t be scared and that they’re going to help make her all better. First thing was some soup since she asked for it and I wanted to get some fluids back in her since she just lost everything. Gobbled the broth right down! That’s a good sign. Then a bath, since she had some unmentionables in her hair from her disastrous incident at school. Get her all settled and just about every time she’d just about fall asleep, she’d have to get up and run to the bathroom. Not constipation…check. No vomiting…check. No fever….check. On a good note, at least this happened on a Friday and not in the middle of the week. And also, right before spring break, so in the unlikely case that this will last more than 2 days, we’re also in the clear.

Sidenote, I remember all the times we had gotten sick as children and my parents would always put a sheet on the couch and set us up out in the living room, and I remember that being such a safe place to be. Rather than in my bedroom all alone and sick. So I made sure to carry on the tradition and got Selena’s favorite sheet (which is the one that matches the ones on our bed) and even gave her my pillows to lay on, so that she would feel comfortable in her time of discomfort. She snuggled in pretty quickly and from then on it was movie time. No complaints, just the frequent run to the bathroom. Felt like a fever, so I was giving her some medicine for that.

Night time went TERRIBLE. I let her fall asleep to Rapunzel silently dancing on the screen and woke her up later to see if she had to go potty, since her belly was so rotten. Good thing I did! She had an accident in her britches, which I was unaware of until I noticed my thigh was a bit wet. Get her all cleaned up and about 5 minutes after she gets back to sleep, she starts whining, sits up and vomits all over my arm. What an act of love. She has always been a sleep thrower-upper. Get that all cleaned up and get her back to sleep. Every few hours she’s whining and moving around. What a long night!

Saturday went a bit better. Unkie came over so I could go get some supplies, her belly was blowing up left and right! Imodium thank you, my savior, Selena’s savior. Gotta understand something about Selena, if she is sick, she will rarely display it, it takes A LOT to knock her down. If she is able to move around, she will. So now that the belly cramps have stopped, she is determined to jump on everything. No, no, no. SIT DOWN! Aaaaah!!! Just….stop…moving… Good day, we built a tent out back on the clothes lines with some sheets. She now has a love for tents and wants to spend every waking moment out there. Decent night, other than her being crabby because, well, she’s still sick. Get her settled on the couch again and she had a rough time sleeping. Tossing, turning, up to the potty, back down again. More Imodium. I fell asleep half perching on the couch with my hand on her belly. I wake up, parts of my body had fallen asleep that I didn’t know was possible. She’s sound asleep. Not sooner do I get to sleep on the other end of the couch, and she wakes up. SON OF A…..

This morning I can tell she’s feeling better. She asked for green eggs and ham. I obliged with the green eggs, which she ate about half of. No runs to the potty yet and back outside having a tea party with Clifford in her tent.

Her Growums seeds have started, 3 tomato and 5 basil seedlings have sprouted and are reaching to the sky!! Come on peppers and oregano seeds. I bet we’ll be getting an email here soon, showing us the next step. Such a cool thing. You register when you get the garden kit and it sends you email videos on how to grow your garden. Talking vegetables and all. Too cute.

OOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I know this is long, but before I go, I want to tell you about one more thing. Super duper cool, super awesome for not only your family, but someone else, on the other side of the world! Books! Books! Books! I love them, Selena loves them, you should too! Everyone needs them and there are quite a few countries who simply cannot afford to get books for their children to have in their cities. Think. No library? No way to help your children grow? That’s terrible. So. As I was digging through all my mounds and mounds of paperwork, ugh, I found the flyer my daughter’s school sent home. http://www.wegivebooks.org There has been over 911,600 books read to date! They have given so many books to such underdeveloped countries and you don’t have to invest a single dime to make this happen for people less fortunate. Free. We love free! 174 books they have, ranging from all ages, from ages 0-10 at the moment and adding in 11-teens soon. Make an account. Read a book, every book you read, they donate a book. They have 7 different campaigns you can chose from, that your reading will directly benefit. They just got done giving out 150,000 books to our schools. You’re thinking…read a book online.. .all words no pictures, going to be boring? No way!! They have scanned these books directly as you would see it in physical form and you can zoom in and watch the pages turn. Awesome. Check it out. And the best part…you don’t even need to have children to help out. Check it out!!! http://www.wegivebooks.org

This is Ramblin’ J signing out, for now



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