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March 7, 2012 March 7, 2012

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Things are looking good! Selena is doing really well in the aftercare, it is still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase so I’m curious as to how she’s going to do on a day when she doesn’t want to be there. It’s all so new to her! She told me that she didn’t want her ‘old’ class anymore (kindergarten) and just her ‘new’ one (after care). I explained that it doesn’t work that way. I don’t know if she gets it, but we’ll see. I have been trying to let her get a feel for it, but I must admit, I’ve been picking her up kind of early and not letting her get the full gambit of the aftercare. So tomorrow, as hard as it will be, she will be there until 5:30. Oi vey. She’s the best part of my day and I love it when she sees me after a day away, she’s so happy and that smile just lights up my life. But like I said, I would like to see how she does, and how the instructors handle her, at her worst in a cafeteria of 90+ kids and 17 kids under her teacher. EEEEEK. She’s good now, yea, because it’s all new and she is meeting new people (that she can boss around). Wait for a rainy day when she’s used to going on the playground but instead, they are all squished in the cafeteria. One day at a time, right?

Everything is turned into for hippotherapy and hopefully that starts sooner than later. I think after the initial visit and meeting everyone, that she will grow to love it and not only will it help her with her behaviors but she will get to experience something only a handful get to do. If riding a horse for a half hour once a week helps with Selena being able to grasp her emotions better and handle herself in situations that she doesn’t particularly agree with, then I am all for it! Go InStride!  http://instridetherapy.org/pages/ that is their site. One of my clients is on the homepage, how cool. Such a great program and company, I couldn’t have been more thankful than to have been introduced to something like this. I never even knew it existed. I wonder if they turn in Box Tops too. 😛 just kidding. I am excited to see all they have to offer and am looking forward to helping with a fundraiser or 2. First though, to jump through all the insurance hoops and get her started!

Hush, her goldfish from the fair, passed away yesterday. It was undetected until after school, which is probably for the best. I kneeled down and took her hand and tried to explain it in a way that would be most beneficial to her. All I got was a look. Her face went blank, she zoned out for a moment or 2. I gave her a hug and said that Hush is in a better place now (I didn’t tell her I flushed him) and that if she wanted, we could get a Hush 2. She told me that she wanted 2 new fish and wanted to name one of them lalamoheela. I’m not sure if I want to revisit these feelings, because it is hard enough for her to answer me with how her day went. No idea what she’s feeling or if she has even thought about it anymore. We tried. Zip lock goldfish don’t tend to last too long, I’m glad we got a week and a half out of it.

I have noticed that she is becoming quite the OCD queen. It is not so much the rituals or anything that I’ve been noticing, it’s just like I have to do it how she wants it to a T or she gets angry and redoes it or yells at me. I’m going to keep my eye on this and see if it’s always been like this, but I’m just taking notice now, or if it’s something that is developing. She has been angry with me lately, we’ve had some changes around the house so I can give her some leeway with that, but man she’s been mean and angry! The things she’s been saying, I have just been shocked and rather hurt. I have to realize that she doesn’t fully grasp everything she’s saying, so I’m not taking it to heart, but the fact that she still thought those things, upsets me. So I’ve been trying to have some more bonding time with her and show her that I love her with everything I got. She’s been throwing things at me. Shoes, marbles, books….etc. Dunno why…but I am trying to get her to stop! She’s been defiant and extra mouthy. She has been more resistant to my requests for her to do things. She has been ignoring me when I speak to her. It was going good and she was reacting when I called her name, seeing what I wanted, etc. Now, I will be in the same room, looking at her, talking to her and she is just flat out ignoring me. I have been having to physically touch her to get her attention. The nail biting is trying to resurface, which is a scary thought. At least all the bug bites have been keeping her distracted. Can we make non removable bandaids? Please!

Bed time has become an issue as well. Trying to enforce an earlier bed time because she just will not go to sleep. So, I’m stuck there then. We fight to get her to comply to get ready for bed. We finally get into bed, and then she just lays there and turns and tosses. So what would getting her in bed early do? Give her more time to play in the dark? Frustrating this is. Another thing. She has been wanting to sleep with me in our bed. Wanting me to lay with her in her bed. Complaining that her bed is too magical, too bouncy, too this, too that. I did give in once and let her crash in our bed, shame shame, but I really didn’t feel like fighting with her that night. It is just so odd. I remember I had asked her if she wanted me to lay with her or anything in the past, and she has always replied with, “This is MY bed Mommy.” At least it has calmed down from every night to every other other night now.

Oh yea…. her teeth. Turns out she has the 2 bottom teeth coming through behind her baby teeth. (It feels like I’ve already talked about this once before) So I am waiting to receive the appointment from the ONE dentist in our county that accepts our insurance….Could take a few weeks to get the appointment and then a few more weeks to get her in. I think they’ll be ready to have work done on them by then. They are just now crowning through the skin. I bet that feels lovely as well. Poor thang. Can’t one thing just go right?!?!

Good things. She loves to garden with me out back! We got some pretty pink flowers from PaPa and planted them in the ground, so she’s in charge of watering them with her little watering pail that she got from Bobbi and Unkie. I have one of those bathroom trash cans, I fill it up with water (it’s her ‘well’) and that’s how much water she gets to water the flowers with. I know that she will get about half of that water onto the plants, the rest she is watering the weeds in the yard and the dirt. Haha. Too cute. I like to let her go outside and do that independently so that she feels good about herself. Not always having to have someone right there showing her how to do it, or correcting her. Lets her feel like a big girl! We have the seeds germinating from the Growums garden that Unkie and Bobbi got for her birthday. I’m excited to see her face as these plants start producing yummies!!!

We’ll get there. One day at a time. Tackle behaviors one at a time and try to help her understand that life doesn’t have to be so difficult. After we get past the “I’m stuck!!!!!”…..again?!?! Gaaaaaah!!!!! (Sorry for any ranting, my mind is in a ranting mood)



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