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February 20, 2012 February 21, 2012

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     Time just flies and before ya know it, it’s been weeks! Months! Since I am still..under..the..weather…I will make this short and sweet. Selena is growing so well and we are so proud of her! The last 5 of her spelling tests were 100%! Her behaviors are hit and miss but flaring up a bit because her birthday is this weekend and stress is a bit high right now. EEEEEEEEK!!!! I will have a 6 year old?! My goodness. 

     We have been to the behavioral pediatrician and she gave us good insight on what to expect from her and also that we are doing everything right. Hooray! We received a script for Hippo-therapy and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Best part, her new insurance will cover full costs. Yay!!!  She also told us that Selena looks like she has the potential to be mainstreamed in the future. I for one hate that term, but alas that is what it’s called and I’m so thrilled!!!!!!! Not that I have anything against the teachers or classrooms she’s in now, they are so great with her and you can tell they genuinely care about the children’s well being and development. So much of that seems to be lost in the ‘mainstreamed’ classes. Shuffle shuffle in, shuffle shuffle out. I must say, I will be as equally pleased and sad about the promotion. Not saying it’s happening anytime soon, she still has quite a bit of self disciplining to learn. 

     So, what’s been happening in the life of Selena? Well, Selena got to go bowling for the first time EVER! She did so well, and the look on her face was pure excitement. I haven’t been to the bowling alley in a long time and I thought it was the coolest that the bumpers automatically go up and down. I remember a time….hehehe. Anyway, she bowled a 65? Somewhere around there. A natural cheerleader I tell ya, she was cheering on everyone and I see a promising squad leader in the future. Of course we couldn’t pass up the candy win machine so Mahja and Fahja (Grandparents) gave all the girls some quarters to play with. Selena won a 3 sucker combo and some tickets. So she picked out a little army man, rifle and all, so that her castle could have a guard. The other girls were tickled pink when Selena shared all her lolipops with them. Such a generous child.

     Pssst. Is that the tooth fairy I sense coming? Selena is going to the dentist here soon to get her teeth checked out, because she has her 2 bottom teeth coming in right behind her baby teeth. I did some light research and found that it is a rather normal thing that some children experience. To the dentist ASAP to see if they will need to pull out the baby teeth. Oi vey, always something. 

     Her nails are fully healed, not sure if I had mentioned that last post, and she’s doing a good job at not chewing them…that much… still working on the absence of it all, but hey, we gotta start somewhere. And now since it is almost summer here and the mosquitoes are coming back out, as with other Florida buggies, we are dealing with the incessant scratching of the bug bites! Her arms resemble the moon at times, full of craters. Gotta find some way for her to quit doing that now too! The other day I went into her bedroom and caught her just digging on her leg, blood everywhere. I don’t think the pain receptors are very sensitive, she seems to have a pretty high pain tolerance.

     OOOO, she’s growing!!! She has actually gotten TALLER!!! Not by much, but some, and we had to upgrade to a size 11 shoe. For not being too tall, she sure does have big feet, sorry Selena, that you got from me. All these wonderful clothes we got from my sister aren’t going to fit much longer I’m afraid. I guess that means we’ll have to go shopping!

     Selena is starting to read books better, but it can be challenging (for me and her anyway) because she will say she doesn’t know the word, but if you don’t say anything and just wait a few moments, she will try to sound it out. I have come to learn that by not acknowledging those ‘trigger phrases’ then we can avoid a meltdown. She knows a lot of the sight words and is doing very well at using phonics to sound out words she isn’t familiar with. 

     Her birthday party is Saturday and she is very excited. BBQ. Yum, yum.

*Yawn* I’m so tired, I’m going back to bed.



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