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January 24, 2012 January 24, 2012

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     So this year has been less than ideal with the amount of illness going around right now. Selena doesn’t always tell us when she’s sick, and most of the time she’s just mimicking what someone else said or did. It is getting a lot better, but you can’t always.believe what she says. I feel like I’m playing detective most days because how she speaks to the world can be such a mystery! We are pulling through. Slowly but surely.

Good things first! Selena got a 100% on her first spelling test ever! Rocked it without a problem! We took her out to celebrate at Chili’s and she enjoyed the praise.  Next round of words are out, so I got crafty and put them on index cards that are taped under the television on plain view. Anytime she wants to watch TV, we ask her the words! Hopefully this method works! Selena gets stuck on a few of them, which is odd because she knows 100% of the alphabet visually and phonetically. For example, she’ll see the word sled but say and think the word skate. Odd. Either way, she is soaring with spelling! 🙂 Selena’s vocabulary is really improving as well. I had no idea that she knew so many words! It is wonderful that she is now starting to use them!

She has been full of attitude and is getting in trouble more often lately. I am hoping that it is only because she is sick and not because of anything else. Selena has been answering me by screaming the response at me, and very vocal about her disapproval with anything. Mornings have been…terrible. Daddy laid down the law this morning (1/26) and put an end to all that. Maybe. We’ll see if it sticks tomorrow. I hate having to put her in the corner first thing in the morning, but something’s gotta give. After an attitude adjustment, she finished up herself with some light assistance. I don’t know if I’m just pressing her too hard or if I don’t have the right expectations for her, or if the style of parenting I’m using is incorrect…or if she’s just ‘playing me’ because that’s what children do. So many variables, not enough conclusive data!

Sigh…this is old. I just found it. Sorry.


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