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December 17 (21), 2011 December 21, 2011

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     Phew! We found some time to do some Christmas shopping. Oh man, is she going to enjoy our festivities this year. Buying gifts for her is tricky. She doesn’t like anything that moves or makes noises on it’s own. If she isn’t in control of the toy, she doesn’t like it and will start to have a rigid meltdown. That makes it difficult at times to go shopping, with so many different aisles with moving and singing decorations\toys. It isn’t a big deal most of the time, but if you catch her in one of her special moods, then caution is necessary. We found some quiet toys that she put on her wish list, I’m excited to see her reaction! Our family and friends have also been very thoughtful and have treated Selena very well, and we can’t be thankful enough!

     Selena’s behaviors have been off and on lately. We have mostly been focusing on the nail biting and constant intervention with that so I haven’t been paying much attention to the rest of her actions right now. Other than the usual defiance that she gives me, nothing out of the normal. Her fingernails are slowly falling off but they are looking like they are healing nicely. What a chore that is to keep her from picking at them since they are doing this. I told her that when they heal up we will go down and let her pick out some brand new nail polish, any color she wants. I suggested the stick on nails but she wasn’t interested in that, only some pink sparkly polish. I am hoping that she understands what she’s done, but Daddy and myself were talking about it and we just don’t think she comprehends it as well as we’re hoping she is. All we can do is keep trying to explain to her that this is happening because of the nail biting and that it’s very important to keep her fingers out of her mouth. Awesome, so we’ve covered that base. Now she’s trying to pick at her cuticles with her other fingers. What a crafty kid.

     It is almost as though we have to go through every single individual thing and tell her it’s not ok to do that. For instance, when we were having issues with her being physical in school, we taught her to keep her hands to herself. Then we had to add keep her feet to herself, then pinching, then slapping, then spitting. So every morning before school and bed time I’d give her a little pep talk and remind her of the things we expected her to not do. So it went something like this. “Ok Selena, we keep our hands to ourselves and don’t hit, we keep our feet to ourselves and don’t kick, we don’t spit on people, we don’t slap people and we don’t throw things in class…” It would go on FOREVER, and I’d have to cover every individual thing. I’m thinking it has to do with how literal she is. It’s takes the fun out of English sometimes, that’s for sure! We don’t get to kid around with her very often and not a lot of people really understand just how literal she takes everything. At times it’s easy to get her very confused and it gets her worked up sometimes. I hope when she gets older she grows out of it.

     Mornings have been going pretty good. Daddy has been around so it’s been going a bit smoother. She doesn’t fuss and fight him like she likes to fight me! They will be singing a song, just happy as can be, I’ll walk by and it’s like the world ended. Next thing we know, she’s screaming or crying and fussing about something so I have to leave the area and Daddy tries to calm her down. I don’t know what it is but it sure is aggravating! Then she’s fine again a few moments later. I tend to keep my distance when I know it’s going to be one of those mornings.

     Some other behaviors that I noticed tonight, that have always been going on and yet they seem so natural for me. Blankets and anything with a design on them. They have to face a certain way and if they don’t, then the world will end…to Selena. I don’t understand why it is so important for the Carebears to face the right way on a blanket when she can’t see it anyway. Ah well, if flipping a blanket over keeps the peace, then I’m all for it! Another thing is that she loves to look at herself in the mirror, which is cute to watch since she likes to make all of her faces. However, when she gets all worked up and upset, she loves to watch herself cry. Which only makes her cry even more and it just keeps continuing until I put my hands over her eyes or turn her away. Those are not 2 of her more noticeable behaviors, but they still occur.

     We have been going to the library quite a bit more lately (I found my card, it was hiding in the drawer) and Selena’s been having a blast. She loves the books and the kids that cycle in through there. She will bee line for the kids section with no hesitation what-so-ever! I attempt to get her to actually sit down and read the books with me, but she’ll have no part in it. We do pick out titles to read at bed time though, so that’s good.

     I can’t keep dragging this post out any longer. Again I feel as though I need to apologize for the lateness of this post. Holidays are BUSY!!!!!!!




2 Responses to “December 17 (21), 2011”

  1. Becky Larimer Says:

    I was so sweet to talk to her on the phone and to hear her little voice tell me that she loves me. So grateful you are her mother because so many people would just give up!
    Hang in there and keep up the good work.
    Much love coming your way,
    Auntie Becky

    • Chobie Says:

      Thank you Auntie! You (and Dan) have been so amazing to us and have helped make Selena so happy, I can not thank you enough! We’re grateful to have family like you!! I can’t wait for the day when you get to meet her. We love you. Xoxo

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