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December 16, 2011 December 16, 2011

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Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! At least I’ve made it back up to the top, heh. I am typing this to you from our new laptop! Well, new to us! We were selected to get one from the TeXcellence program through Sarasota County. Yay! Now I can actually type this to you instead of using my phone! Anyways, back to what’s going on. I’ve been trying to keep people updated with Selena’s fingers since my last post. Last night was a bit scary, but only because I was definitely thinking that she was going to lose those 2 nails. This morning was a different story, they are looking so much better now! Her teachers and bus driver/aide have been helping out with keeping her fingers out of her mouth, and without everyone’s help, we’d have been in some serious trouble. We have been really trying to teach her to make a conscious effort to keep those little fingers out of her mouth. We haven’t had any more open areas in the last few days, but we are also constantly telling her to keep her fingers out of her mouth and hollaring at her for doing it.

Christmas is right around the corner and boy is she excited! Her teachers have made some really cool ornaments and decorations, and now that I have a computer I can upload some now! Horray! Let me see… This is the picture of the gingerbread house she did! They worked really  hard on it! I’d loved to have seen the other children’s houses! Anyways this was just a quick update!


(The girls are feeling much much better, thanks to Daddy’s help)


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