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December 12, 2011 December 14, 2011

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     (again i am 2 days behind) Silence is golden. I never fully appreciated that saying until Sunday evening. What a busy, busy, busy weekend! Selena did very well for so much stimulation. We definitely had some trying moments, but overall it was a blast! I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to input on this, so I’ll try my best. Oh yes, the fingernail situation. Selena has to wears gloves ANYTIME she is unsupervised. They are looking a little better, but still pretty bad. I thought she was going to see the Dr. on Friday, but it worked out a bit differently. So now we’re making another appointment for today. We have successfully been able to keep her from chewing, but it has been so difficult and I just feel like a jerk because I’m up her butt all the time. Parenting was never intended to be easy! Thank you for your suggestions, feedback and comments, they really helped me keep a level head about the whole thing!

     Friday was a day off from school, but was far from a day off! It was mostly a day full of sitting in the car. I’m glad she does so well on car rides. She has always loved them. We rarely hear a complaint and she will sit and watch out the window for hours on end. So Friday definitely worked in our favor…for a while. We had a whole day of driving around town and then we headed out on our journey to the behavioral pediatrician that visits an office out in Arcadia. That is a 42 mile trip one-way. We drive out an hour to sit for an hour to talk to the lady who does a pre-intake interview. From that, we got to make an appointment for next month on the 30th, for another hour drive out to wait for Lord only knows how long, to see this woman for a half hour. 2 hrs total driving, 84 mile trip, 2 shifts called off work and a day of missed school. This Dr. better be ALL THAT, and THEN some.

     I was so proud of us at the doctors! We had so much prep time that there was no surprise questions we didn’t have answers for. Be prepared!! Write down questions you want to ask, what goals you are looking to work towards to help your child achieve! List down behaviors, list down eating habits, sleeping habits, list down everything that you feel is pertinent information for the Dr to know! We feel hopeful for the results this doctor will help bring but damn is it not depressing. I was so nervous when we got there! Did I forget any papers? Will I have the answers they are looking for? How will Selena do during the appointment? Eeeek! All this worrying for nothing, because she did great! We had more than enough information to start the process. My emotions were all over the place after the visit. I am aware of her delayed areas and the parts of her that are affected by Autism, but I look at Selena and see my beautifully ‘normal’ little girl….then I go to these appointments. A half hour into the pre-intake and we’re still on question #1…behaviors. I did very well controlling my emotions, I usually get teary eyed and emotionally upset when I go in depth with her issues. I hate this whole disorder, I feel guilty saying I wish she didn’t have this and was ‘normal’, because I love her for who she is and what she’s taught me…but damn man it breaks my heart.

Since I’m so far behind, I’ll cut it off here. Planning on going to the library after work, maybe I can get a few thoughts down.

Update…Selena went to the dr on 12/13 with 2 infected fingers and came out with a script for 2x a day antibiotics, 3x a day epsom salt soak, a grocery list (more bandaids etc) and the strong possibility that her fingers are going to need to be lanced open.  And since we did an oopsy and forgot gloves on the car ride yesterday, she has started to gnaw on her thumb. Poor Emma is sick as a dog, Hope following suit right behind her and Selena in her own world of Surprise Birthday Christmas party preparations for her school party coming up. What a paradise this month has been.


*no time for editing, sorry in advance*


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