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November 25…wait 28..erm 29, 2011 November 29, 2011

(My partial post for the 25th, followed by todays post) Lord, I pray to get time to finish this today.   

     Turkey day went great! Such good food, and wonderful company. Selena has had a busy week! Daddy was home with us for this past week and it has been awesome! Also, we saw the girls a lot this past week too, but we’ll get to that in a bit. It has been so tiring for Selena that on Thanksgiving she passed out cold, right in the middle of dinner! Poor thang.

     On Wednesday, Daddy got all 3 girls for the day! Which turned into a sleepover!! Selena’s first sleepover ever! Plus, the girls are spending the night! So this was definitely a test of strength and endurance on Selena’s end. She is usually ready for a break from the girls about 4 hours in, and she’s going to be submerged for about 28 hours straight. They had breakfast, played, did hardcore gymnastics (Hope is friggin amazing and has perfect form, prodigy in the making?), played and played some more. By the time I got home, Selena was itchin for a break (they were all ready to get out for a bit I’m thinking). So we loaded up and ventured out, which went well in the beginning, but Selena was over stimulated again. We had went to the mall to play on their playground since it was raining, so that is a HUGE environment for Selena to get used to. It didn’t take too long until she was choke hugging, slapping, pushing and slamming into the other kids, and none of it with a malicious intent. I think she was having trouble taking in all the activity going on and also locating herself in such a large environment. So…we move on after apologies to the parents. Once we got home and settled, the rest of the night went great, we all had so much fun. And of course none of the girls got to sleep before 11!

     The next morning wasn’t a shock. The other girls were up first and Hope totally woke Selena up around…7…oh man. Daddy and myself already knew what that meant for us. Grumpy Selena. Still over stimulated Selena. And Thanksgiving on top of that! *clears throat* It’s ok, we’ve been through worse. We get the girls into a mostly quiet activity, after breakfast. Selena will not tolerate anyone even being by her. I peeked in their room and she was off in her own corner, back to everyone, and couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge anyone else. Ok. That’s better than screaming. Which is what came next. So, Daddy scoops her up and bundles her in a blanket, holds her a bit and then lays her on the couch. She stayed there for quite a while. As soon as Grammy & Papa got here, her mood had slightly changed, but she was still part way on edge. We get dinner started and she sits down like a champ, and starts to eat…then everyone else sat down, which was too much. So she left the table, I picked her up, brought her back, and she was falling asleep in my arms, so I passed her off to Daddy. She took a 3 hour nap?! She hasn’t done that since she was 2!!! She eventually woke up, after 3 failed attempts to wake her! She had dinner, and then got ready for bed shortly after! Selena endured so much, I’m proud of her.

     Friday was a fun day for Selena. She even had me put her hair up in pigtails!! I went to work with Papa and Selena got to go shopping with Grammy! How unfair!!! Selena was visiting all the neighbors and had fun running up to me and asking if I was having fun at work. Silly girl. She was just the cutest and I’m glad she got a nice recovery from all the commotion and some one on one time with Grammy. They went shopping and Selena picked out some Christmas presents for Daddy & Papa. A quick thought, while I have it! Grammy, Selena, Ms. Linda and myself had to go to Ms. Linda’s house to get a bucket for Papa, well Selena didn’t know that, so she runs in after Ms. Linda, starts to shut the door and says, “Bye Mommy, me and Linda are making cookies!” Too cute!! After we all met up at home, Daddy, Selena and myself went to some trails and showed Selena the lake! We let her pick which ways to go on the trail. She was having such a good time. She seems more at ease, the farther we get from electronics, people and busy areas, so this is paradise for her, I hope! Friday evening was a bit hairy. Lately, anytime we ask her to do something she doesn’t like, or try to push her into performing a less than desirable activity Selena starts doing more of her rigid shaking and jolting body movements. It looks as though her whole body is spastically tightening up, cramping almost. We made a note to ask her behavioral pediatrician about this, to see what’s going on with her body! So Friday night turned into a snuggly movie night which consisted of Selena, her blanket and her movie. She definitely needed this!

     Saturday was a day of shopping around at craft stores for Christmas tree decorations, a garage sale (which was full of little girl treasures!), Ni hao, Kailan and Grammy & Papas! At this huge garage sale, we found a bunch of princess outfits and costumes. Of course we bought the whole bucket!! There was a Ni Hao, Kailan outfit (hair and all) that Selena wriggled into it and she was Kailan from that point on. We had to fuel her fire, so I put on the show and called her Kailan. She asked to wear it to Papa & Grammy’s house. On the way, since we had been acknowledging her as Kailan, she took the hair off and said, “It’s me Selena!” So of course I welcomed her back, told her I missed her and was glad to see her. Boy was she grinning ear to ear. I was nervous about the attitude she may have that night seeing so much of her Autism was showing lately. Either way, she stayed, they had a blast and we all got a well needed break!

     That evening, Daddy and myself sat down and chatted about Selena and what’s going on with her. We have both come to the realization that her Autistic behaviors have diminished so much lately, I was hoping she was growing out of them. Hah! So we went over which behaviors are resurfacing. Her physical characteristics even change. Her eyes look sunken in, they get dark rings around them, she’s rubbing her eyes and nose more. She is also doing her jarring twitching rigid movements. (Which seem to be happening pretty often now). Her side looking has increased and is almost so constant now that she turns and watches tv, even after I attempt to straighten her out. Selena has been going through a period where she hasn’t asked for a lot of touches, but lately it seems like she always wants someone to hold her, which we aren’t complaining about. Tunnel vision is in full swing now, we lost count of how many door knobs she’s hit, how many things she has run into. I’m half tempted to put some foam over the handles just so her lil head will be safe. The thing is with her running into stuff, she doesn’t even acknowledge that she’s done it, she just moves right on to what she’s after. She is having a hard time keeping her hands to herself and/or using the correct pressure and strength when touching someone, so there has been a lot of disciplining lately for those actions.

     One last thing. We decorated the tree and got some decorations up, I’m excited to get into the full Christmas swing of things. That wasn’t what I wanted to say by the way. Selena did an amazing job accepting her Student of the Month award!! On the way over, I explained to her that she was going to walk up and get her award, take a pic, etc. Selena says, “I get a crown?! I won’t be Selena anymore, I’ll be Queen.” After hearing that I was hoping she wouldn’t get upset when she didn’t get a crown. We get to the cafeteria and I think I was more nervous than she was, only because in the past, she liked to act fine and then suddenly throw herself down, slamming her head on the ground (making a real scene of things). She happened to be the first name called, oooh man. I was even more nervous now! Thank goodness for Daddy and his reassuring words. Her named was called, Selena’s eyes lit up and… Boy was I wrong!!! Selena was confident, excited and so proud of herself! She walked up there all by herself to the front of the cafeteria full of other students and parents….and they were clapping. She had the biggest grin!! Selena listened to directions from both the principal and the VP. Holy cow, was I a happy momma!! She did however think that she was being crowned Queen. Shoot she still thought she was Queen, even with no crown!! She got an icecream treat at home and the royal treatment! What an amazing little girl, I love her so much.

     Ok. This is long enough. Sorry for the delay, but it should be expected by this point…right?


I have some pics of her I’ll be more than happy to email them to you, just shoot me a message.


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