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November 21, 2011 November 23, 2011

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     Talk about an awesome weekend! I hope ya’ll are all set for Thanksgiving Day! The stores are CRAZY!! Anyways, Daddy had a few extra days off so he got to get Selena ready for school. They went from screaming to singing! They were having such an interesting conversation, the part I could hear anyway. I think she was teaching Daddy the words to a Yo Gabba Gabba song. Either way, it was a great start to the day. After school was pretty fun, Selena got to play with her neighbor friend and they even got icecream from THE MAN. The Icecream Man that is, she is VERY dedicated to him and the world haults when she hears him. She could be doin business in the bathroom and will be finished up and out the door by the 2nd song rotation! I figured that since she made Student of the Month at school, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to reward her for her job well done. The icecream truck really brings the neighborhood together if you think about it. We learn which area the kids live in, and we also get to meet their parents.
     We ran into her friend, so naturally they hung out, ate their Dora icecreams, and played out back. Those encounters are helping her learn to play with other kids instead of side playing or parallel playing with not much interaction. Selena prefers to play alone, but will usually not turn another child away if they are asking to join. She will play for a bit and then make her grand getaway or wrap herself up in something else. This is pretty good compared to how it used to be. If another child came up to her and started to play, she would immediately move to something else and parallel play along side them without ever really saying anything. Everything is progressing so good with her.

     Saturday was an odd day for Selena’s behaviors and moods. The morning turned out great, she was so excited to go play with Hope and watch Emma get her t-ball trophy! Then we headed out to Grammy & Papa’s and all of a sudden her mood flipped when her feet hit their driveway. We have no idea about what happened on the ride over to cause her mood to change. After a few reprimands for acting out, she calmed down to the point of rejoining us at the table, but wasn’t speaking, making eye contact or being a part of the group. So Selena sat in my lap and put her head on my shoulder, I could feel her eventually relax. She went into her room and didn’t come out from under her bed until we were leaving so she could say bye, then she was right back under there. I think that with all the new changes going on, it’s starting to wear her down. Selena has never had this much continuous interaction with other children, so it must be a bit over stimulating. After we left, she had a great night. And more cookie making with Grammy & Mrs. Linda. A world renowned chef in the making. Heh.

     Since I’m on day 3 of this blasted post and it is now Tuesday, and the weekend has faded into the events of the past. Oooo Selena got her school pictures in today! Also cards from my Aunt Becky, Mrs. Linda and Princess Erin. 😀 She is still so excited when she recieves a card, and boy are they cute! I can’t express my gratitude properly! Ah yes, I do believe I forgot to mention the card, stickers & bracelets from her Aunt Cheryl. (Sorry) Thank you, thank you!

     I do apologize for the length between posts and the absent-mindedness of it all. I would like to use my “get out of jail free” card now please!!



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