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November 14/15, 2011 November 16, 2011

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     ‘Ello an how is ya taday? I’m going to try to squeeze this in between the daily grind. Gah, thumb, move faster! (Mobile phones are not very speedy). Either way, this weekend was fun, I don’t think we quit moving once! Selena had a blast visiting everyone and could tell she was ready for her cozy bed on Sunday night. I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving, the meal is going to be awesome! This is our first holiday in the new house and I love cooking so this is a real treat. I only wished everyone wasn’t so preoccupied with life, I know I was looking forward to entertaining more of my family. Ah well, maybe next time.

     So, on Friday I finally got to go and visit Selena at school for lunch!! She was SO EXCITED! I made her day and she made mine. I want to try to go again, maybe Daddy can go visit her when he goes on vacation, she would love that. When I got there, she was sitting and singing right along with all the prompts on the screen. I am so happy to see her confident and secure in her school environment. When she saw me, it was almost as if she couldn’t believe her eyes! I’m so intrigued by her classmates and how they interact with the world, I might see about volunteering in her class (as if I have enough time for that). Since her class is isolated they eat lunch in their classroom, so we got to go and eat lunch outside at a picnic table in their playground area. That was just the coolest for her and when Selena was done eating, she got to play for a few minutes. She chose this little tiny push car that looked like a firetruck, she was so big for it that I thought for sure she would be stuck! She managed just fine and had a blast! I spoke with her teacher, turns out she got to go and watch the band parade around for Veteran’s Day! Selena was 1 of only a few that could handle the noise and commotion from her class, apparently they had a great time! Her report for that day said that after I left, the only thing she talked about was us having lunch together. Awwww. She can be such a sweetheart.

     Saturday, Saturday…hmm what happened on Saturday? Oh yes, Emma’s T-ball game, then running around, then Subway, and finishing with Grammy & Papa’s. The game went great! Emma kicked some tail and Selena was Emma’s personal cheerleader! She was dancing, cheering Emma on and kept trying to get onto the field. She wants to play soooooo badly!! (I hope to get her set up so we can let her get a feel for it, see if that’s something she wants to pursue.) We let her run the bases over & over, she is nonstop when it comes to distance running! Hmmm, what next? Ah yea, Grammy & Papa’s house. Selena is very defensive and on edge when she is introduced into a group of adults, so it didn’t go so well when we arrived. Instant meltdown usually occurs if she is pressed into a group. Even if she knows everyone in the group she still freaks out. Daddy & Grammy helped calm her down inside and it was easy this time because…you ready for this…Tu-tus!! Grammy & Papa got 3 glittery pink tu-tus for all three girls. They helped Selena put hers on and she came back outside in Daddy’s arms, ready to play! It got better after the initial shock wave unless she realized everyone was looking at her or talking to her at once.

     Grammy told me a few cute things that Selena did. First, Selena & Mrs. Linda baked cookies!! With sprinkles too! Mrs. Linda gave Selena this awesome cookie jar that she is just so proud of. Thank you!! Then Selena and Grammy walked around Dora’s house and stopped around back by the grapefruit trees. The fruit was hanging just out of Grammy’s reach so what does Selena do? Yells out “SUPER REACH!!” and had climbed up Grammy before she even knew what was happening!! Selena is indeed our little monkey. She has been climbing up people, cabinets, bins, and anything to get her higher since about 10 months old!

Gah, 3 days in and still only this far. Will hopefully be able to pick this back up later today. Sorry. 😦



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