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November 10, 2011 November 11, 2011

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     Just a quick hello seeing as I’m in a rather rotten mood and prefer to not write because my emotional dismay will ooze through this post.

     Selena got her first report card and she did pretty well given our crazy adventure just to get her into this school. 15 days in the new school, that’s all? Gosh. It feels like much more time has passed than that! I somehow feel that they are missing some days accounted for. Ah well, that is the least of my concerns.

     Selena received her first award, boy was she proud!! Made me so happy to see her proud of her accomplishments. She was graded low in the communication areas but made good marks on the academic portions. Her report came in for her I.E.P. and for once she’s making progress on more than one goal! Usually we see that she isn’t improving, or refusal – over and over. It’s refreshing to know that the teachers are doing what they’re supposed to and are actually trained to handle ASD kids instead of them reassuring us, then doing the complete opposite.

     The girls have come, the girls have gone, the house still feels rejuvenated from their visit. The energy just hangs in the air. Back to Selena. I was laying in her bed today while she played with her toys and she brought me this cute picture of me that she had just drawn. After she showed me the picture, she got real close to my face and said in the cutest voice, “I made this for you Mommy, are you happy?” Ah man, she melts my heart.

     Fingernails!! We can not keep her from chewing them!! Yuck!! She also keeps chewing her toenails down until they bleed (when she’s alone in the bathroom) so now she’s not allowed in the bathroom without the door cracked or opened all the way. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop?

     I was just thinking of this, she likes to agree to give her things away. Sometimes when the girls or her other friends are over, they try to leave with something of Selena’s. They don’t realize that Selena doesn’t comprehend what they’re asking. I don’t think it’s necessary for them to bring her things home with them, but that isn’t the easiest thing to address. “Well Selena said I could have it.” Very true, she did. But how are we going to explain to them that she doesn’t understand what they’re asking?! I think that we’re going to have to try to explain that she’s a bit different so they don’t inadvertently take advantage of her inability to truely grasp what she’s agreeing to. I feel bad typing that, but that is my opinion on it. Is it flawed? Should I just let her unintentionally give her things away?

    As I’m writing this, Selena is singing this crazy long alphabet song. A for apple.. ah ah apple…all the way to Z is for zoo, zah, zah zoo. Man, she’s good! She is great with memorizing songs, skits, and shows she sees. Maybe a future in acting. Broadway baby!! But first, we have the behavioral pediatrician visit the first week in December, THEN Broadway! Sssh she’s in her room playing make believe with all her figurines & castle. The mean witch is messing with mama who just turned into a swan and the witch won’t let mama swan into the bathtub….oh, it just goes on and on, I’m quite interested in the ending! Does mama swan get turned back into just mama? What happens to the witch! Dun, dun, dun.


Oh yes. Selena has written out her Christmas list, maybe I’ll put a pic of it up, cute cute cute.


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