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November 1/2, 2011 November 3, 2011

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     Phew!! What a busy weekend! We had a blast and was full of family fun activities! From family visits to festivals to a *insert creepy voice* spoooooky Halloween, I’m ready for a day of sleep and nothing more! Selena has been experiencing some big changes lately and I’m hoping she handles these transitions and new schedules ok. It is hit and miss with her behaviors lately. I’m not really sure about what’s going on with her.

     This Saturday Selena went to Grammy & Papa’s and had a blast. Papa told me that they noticed her speech was improving and her words were becoming more clear. That’s great! I guess I don’t notice because I talk to her everyday. It is so important to talk to your children. Not only to build a positive relationship with them, but also to help work on speech (if that is an issue). I have been asking her how her day was and have been trying to get her to communicate for her entire life. Up until a few weeks ago, I A) got no response B) got “I don’t know” or C) I’m Selena. (Mostly C) I am thrilled that she is starting to answer me correctly!! I have always been astonished with the progress she has made with speech therapy. When we go a length of time, I notice her regression with speech and certain behaviors, so I’m hoping that she will be eligible for a free summer class, providing ST and OT. Plus, when she went to that horrible preschool (vpk) she got so screwed up because of their….well, let’s not go into that. But they really did a number on her mentally. I’m so glad that storm is over and we’ve successfully moved on.

     Back to happy memories!! Fun at the grandparents, then Sunday, the girls finally got to make their grand entrance into our home!! How exciting and nerve racking. I’m glad Selena and myself took the time (5 hours) to organize and clean her room! Don’t let the time amount give you the impression that her room was nasty. Too many small toys + 2 bins they have been collecting in = unorganized. 😉 And it’s a good thing we did, we had very special company coming over! They loved it!! All 3 girls were in little kid heaven!

     After a healthy dose of bonding, we had an array of goodies for lunch then got ready for the Pumpkin Festival!! The girls had a blast at the festival, there was this HUGE bounce house, well castle really!! Slides, jump houses, ropes, tunnels! Then to magnetic fishing. Not too many other age appropriate activities there, so the girls were determined to get their faces painted. Selena wanted to be a tiger, RAWR!!! Emma a puppy and Hope a kitty!! When these little girls get a notion in their head, we better deliver! We scoured the land, only to be disappointed. So we agreed to do face painting at home and the winning ticket was cupcakes!! We were going to bake cupcakes! A new special type that has filling in the middle! 3 layers for 3 girls. I have been trying to pick activities that require everyone’s assistance, this one worked out great!

     Moving onto Halloween, it went well. As I type this with great restraint and positive thoughts flowing. I got to put her hair up without some sort deal or stipulation made!! Princess Selena was born and so was the evil witch (that’d be me). Unfortunately Selena destroyed the wicked witch with her power crystals so I didn’t make it out of the house dressed up. That’s ok. We gathered our forces and headed out. Daddy was our underdressed Knight in shining armor who led our Princess through the terrors of Halloween! When she thinks everything is real, those chatty skeletons or dancing ghosts are very scary for her to encounter!! Selena also got a nice treat for Halloween, Unkie and Bobbi came with Molly & Shelby (their pooches) to go out trick-or-treating with her! First time out in our new neighborhood for Halloween, and last time out in our neighborhood for Halloween! Definitely going to travel next year to a not so….’dead’ neighborhood full of crabby people. Ah well, we had a good family experience and can’t wait to try again next year!

      One last note before I go. I have been gathering information about horse therapy for Selena. I got to assist my client there today. And I must say, the stories I’ve been hearing that involve this horse therapy has been pretty inspiring. Maybe if evaluations go smoothly and her insurance covers that type of occupational therapy, we can get Selena on some horses! I had the honor of witnessing a very, very young client (3-4 maybe) get ready to get on the horse. Apparently the last time he was involved in the program, he was not walking at all and today we saw him walk all by himself! His little walker parked by the fence and he was just trucking along. Walking and trying to get into everything!! Momma was standing very close by as he kept losing his balance. The joy I saw in her eyes was just remarkable. It’s easy to get caught up in your problems, think that life has done and is doing you (and your family) so wrong. Chin up, it could always be worse.



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