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October 28, 2011 October 28, 2011

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     Where has this year gone?! Time seems to be flying by. Strange how that works. Anyway, Happy Professional Your Kid is Out of School Day!! I will be honest and was semi-dreading this day, but it has turned out great!! That’s what I get for being Ms. Negative Nancy. I would love to be at the library since we have been going to the library quite a bit lately, but we seemed to have misplaced the library card, so we’re on the organizing hunt for it! Which has led me to clean out her closet, it has been like Christmas day for her, uncovering all these toys she hasn’t seen in a while. 🙂

     She had her first experience yesterday getting her pictures taken at school!! I CANNOT wait to see them! When she’s in a good mood, she is one of the most photogenic kids ever! Her teacher noted that she smiled so pretty. We ordered the partial body shot, she doesn’t pose the ‘conventional’ way, so that will be interesting to see. Her schooling has been going really well and her speech therapist is doing a great job! It is hard to believe that not even 2 years ago, she still wasn’t really talking for herself or making more than 3 word phrases (if we were lucky). Miracle workers I tell ya!! Early intervention is a MUST if your child is diagnosed with ASD.

     We got our card out to Aunt Becky today, she made it last night along with her friend’s birthday card (mailing out tomorrow, we ran out of stamps). She did such an amazing job making them both!! After that, we had dinner and ice cream (sugar free pops)! And today Unkie & Bobbi + Molly & Shelby’s cards came in the mail! It was raining outside so I went to get them (the umbrella is M.I.A.) and as she saw me walking up, I heard her squealing, “For MEEEEE?!?!?!” So adorable. I really can not thank you all enough for taking the time to send her a quick hello, it has lit up her world so much!

     So last night she got to stay up until about 10pm and her activity of the evening was the Wii. So we had some great fun! She STOMPED me and Daddy at frisbee! She absolutely loves Wii Resort. Put up bowling and she’ll play it for hours. That and frisbee. I’m glad she knows how to work the system, makes my life a bit easier, especially if I’m trying to cook! Electronics are no stranger to her. She has been able to work a remote, distinguish which movies are hers, how to turn on the tv and work the dvd player since she was about 3. When she got a bit gutsy around 4, she started to turn my computer on and proceed to try to load up A) my games B) Nick jr. website and C) local movies on my harddrive. That led me to locking my computer and giving me a feeling of security. I’ll never forget this one incident. I come out of the kitchen to check on Selena, she has taken a cooler and turned it upside down. She moved my mouse and keyboard on to the cooler. And what do you think lil Ms. Selena was doing at the grand age of 4? Trying to figure out my password!!! Get outta here!! Mastermind I tell ya!

     She loves her baby dolls. I caught her last night sitting in her rocking chair with one of her babies (this one is named Ella) and was singing to her. Trying to get her asleep so she could keep bowling. She had Ella all wrapped up, and was rocking her while holding the fake bottle up to Ella’s mouth and singing. A memory to cherish for sure!

     Back to today….we visited Grammy at lunch today! Happy Meals and ‘fish hamburgers’ (ma likes the fish filets) was our meals. Nothing like some greasy burgers to coat your belly. I am not a huge fan of any fast food, but exceptions can be made, especially for Grammy! They are so cute together. Selena loves Grammy’s attention and their interactions are so fun to witness. They both seem excited and happy to be together, I love it! She even got to visit Mrs. Pat and Mr. Bill, I’m glad she got to see them today, they are such good people! Selena still has the special polar bear that Mr. Bill and Mrs. Pat got for her, it matches Princesses’ bear….sort of. So cute.

     Back on track Julia, geesh!! Ah yes. Today. The closet is still a wreck, I need to go finish it! One of my big projects to get done today is her puzzles. She LOVES puzzles and is so good at putting them together! So, we’ve been gifted and have purchased quite a few over the years and as we all know, children don’t clean up that well all the time. I now have a beach bucket full of pieces….I got some bags and have been seperating them, numbering them (all of one puzzle gets numbered the same on the back) and putting them in a new section. Yes, I have some crazy organizing habits, but we might as well throw them away if they stay all jumbled together – that’s no fun! So needless to say, I’ll be putting children puzzles together for a good part of this afternoon, while she plays with her figurines and doll houses. Just a quick side note, I love cleaning her room up when she’s gone, because when she gets home, it’s always like a toy shop. We have barely gotten any new toys, but she’s still so excited everytime she walks into her room. “Oh Mommy, who cleaned my room? Oh thank you so much, it’s so beautiful! I will never, never, never make a mess again” Suuuure!!! (Yes, she still cleans her room herself and does a fabulous job).

     This weekend is going to be intense, might not be back on here until after Halloween! Between tonight, Grammy & Papa’s tomorrow, the festival on Sunday with all the girls and Halloween on Monday, I might be too busy to report in! She has updated her costume to a kitty princess ice fairy….oooh boy, now we’re talkin!
Pssst…I can hear her talking about Birthdays in her room to her toys…siiiigh.



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