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October 26, 2011 October 26, 2011

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     (October 22) Happy Birthday Unkie!! We hope to see you tonight! I wanted to cook him a big ole meatloaf with all the sides. Such a delicious meal! Anyways, I hope he’s having a good day. Selena has been receiving a lot of letters, pictures and stickers in the mail lately! A HUGE thank you to everyone that has sent her a lil something, it makes her so happy! Which has lead to us having some good quality time together making thank you/halloween/picture cards to send back! (And I get to tell her about her family members & our friends) Selena has been doing really well with making them, although it is a project that can either be done within the hour, or stretch all day. Some days she is so particular about her writing, that if one letter is even the slightest bit off, she’ll go into meltdown mode and we have to take a break from it. I’ve been trying to take ‘action’ shots as she’s opening the mailbox, but I’m not very good at that, so its just pics of her with goofy faces. Ah well.

     Picked back up October 26, 2011

     Gosh, I’m sorry! These days have been moving along so quickly, I seem to push this off till last, then I’m just sleepy. This weekend went pretty good, lil Ms. Selena is getting an attitude, need to get that out of her system! Unfortunately, I think she’s getting sick again (hence the attitude). Quite a few kids in her class are ill, which leads me to believe she has it too. With Selena it can be difficult to know when she’s not feeling well, so we tend to pay attention to her behaviors over what she says. Because with Selena, if she is in ‘doctor mode’, she will say she is sick all day long and when asked what doesn’t feel good she’ll say “Selena” which is a very broad answer. Only once has she done this for a period of time, so after about 3 days, I made an appointment. She was actually excited to go, which means she couldn’t be THAT sick! On the way there she is telling me her head hurt, but as soon as we get there she is excited to see the other kids there. I attempt to get her to stay seated (which can be very difficult at times, just like most kids!) Long story short, we get in the room, Dr. checks her out, she didn’t scream ONCE!! That is the first time EVER where she didn’t scream and I don’t have to restrain her just to listen to her heart/lungs or do any other doctor type stuff. Doctor asks Selena what’s wrong, Selena looks at her and says, “My belly hurts, it’s too full.” It was cute but….really kid?! Really?! I explained what I thought was wrong and told the doctor that Selena’s answer will change again in a few minutes so she’s not a real viable source, even though it’s her own body! My point is that you really need to take note of behaviors your child experiences and displays, they help piece the puzzle together. And I know I’ve said it before, but it’s the truth! I have to keep reminding myself to keep track of her behaviors, she seems to be acquiring some new ones. Oh man, what’s in store for us next?

     She has been playing with her neighborhood friend quite a bit lately and it has been so nice to see her interacting with kids outside of school. But let me tell you! If that lil girl isn’t home, oh, my, goodness does she meltdown! The last time we went over, she wasn’t home, I had to carry Selena home because she was so upset! I smoothed it over by agreeing that we’d go check again, about an hour later. Meltdown wasn’t avoided, but it was managed. So I’ve been noticing lately that Selena likes to tell other children what to do, instead of playing with them. It is so bad that if we’re having a snack, she tells them when to eat, drink, and wipe their face! I try to let Selena know that her friends will do all of that when they are ready and that she should worry about her own plate! I hope that I’m handling this correctly. She also does that when they are playing, I try to leave them be to see how it pans out. Which usually turns into me having to interject because Selena is upset her friend isn’t listening, her friend is upset because Selena keeps trying to make her act a certain way! Good grief! Aren’t little kids supposed to make friends so they can play and mommy (or daddy) can have a break?!

     Speaking of breaks, Selena did AMAZING this morning! This is the routine I’m trying, hoping that if she gets out of bed the ‘right way’ then we might be more successful. I touch her head as I’m saying “Good morning” and let her wake up as I get her clothes ready. Some days she dives under her bed, today was one of those days, I FOR SURE thought it was going to be a rough morning (it usually is when it starts like that) No fussing about shirt size (it’s a little big, but it is a small), no fussing or whining about anything! Great! So before I started to brush her hair, I told her what I was going to do and then started to sing the “Nice & easy” song that Foofah does on Yo Gabba Gabba. I am so thrilled that she didn’t start screaming at me to stop singing, like she usually does. (My voice isn’t THAT bad) That perked her right up and she quietly sang it for me while I was brushing her hair! Not only did she let me brush her hair, scream free, she also brushed her teeth without any disgruntled actions!! Horray!! New working routine? I’ll try the same exact thing tomorrow and see! We did get new toothpaste, maybe she likes it better? *It is sparkly*

     Now I know I talk about brushing her hair a lot. This lil thang does NOT have curly, wavy, OR tangly hair. I just have to brush it to lay it down a bit. She has perfectly straight hair that RARELY has knots, and the cutest little emo swoop bang!! (Great genes, thanks Ma) So that has lead me to believe quite a while ago that she might have some hypersensitivity issues and it causes her a bit of discomfort. I have always just tried my best to get it done without causing to much commotion. But now, if Daddy brushes her hair, she is an ANGEL. I don’t know why, but it drives me crazy!! Thankfully one of us can do it successfully!

     One more thing before I go, Selena is having such a great time with Emma and Hope! They have all become little peas on a pod together and I’m so thankful that we (Selena and myself) get to spend time with them! One girl is older, so Selena kind of looks up to her to see how to react in different situations and how to interact at times, while the younger girl is more suited for Selena’s style of play. Selena definitely does not possess the ability to have age appropriate play, so it’s nice to see lil Hope gain a new bestie that is older than her but still enjoying the same activities and Emma now has someone to lessen the impact of being the ‘big sister’, with her actions copied all the time! (Selena eats it up when people copy her). I’m thrilled with what our future brings and I can’t wait to experience tomorrow!

     Have a great day! (Possible week with how my postings have been going) Our days have been long, busy and drawn out with a touch of the bug going around. If I take a few days to post again, it’s only because I’m up to my eyeballs with stuff to do or we’re not feeling very well.



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