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October 19, 2011 October 19, 2011

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     It has been a few days! A few very busy days! I feel like I’m saying that more often, but life has really picked up! Every night is busy for the family and everyday has been so busy for me, I can barely get a thought down! I think it’s the holiday season coming up that has my mind in 20 different places! Just one moment of mental tranquility would be spectacular! Oh and I’ve found some awesome Christmas gifts so far, that have been super cheap! Start buying the small stuff now! It’ll save your pocket some rough times in a few months!
     This last weekend was full of activity for her (all of us really), I think she’s still recovering from all the traveling around. From Unkie & Bobbi’s (Fri. night to Sat) to Grammy & Papa’s (Sat. to Sun), then back home, then to see the girls for a playdate and dinner at the mall/BK (ugh I hate fast food), Selena was non-stop! No wonder Monday was so rough for her, she was probably exhausted, plus when you have a weekend that awesome, it would be hard to want to go to school! I don’t like to report this, but I’ve become a slacker in the morning, I have about given up hope for me finding something that works for our morning routine. This morning, she fussed and fought about brushing her teeth, I didn’t help her and I said, “Fine, you don’t want to brush them, then don’t. You’ll have yucky mouth all day.” Which sent her SCREAMING into her room. I gave her a few moments, walked in there and found her sitting on her chair crying (which is a step up, usually she’s hiding under her bed by this point). I get down to her level and ask why she’s so upset, she blurts out, “Cuz you’re mad at me!!!”

     That is what we hear all the time. Whenever we are trying to aid her, give her directions, or discipline her and it doesn’t go her way, she will instantly break down, start crying and tell us that she’s sad because we’re mad at her. Crafty child? Or actually that upset because we’re displaying unhappiness towards her? Or is she just unable to tell the difference between frustration, anger, madness, etc? By this point, the tables have turned, so instead of finishing what we started with her, we spend the next few minutes trying to explain our actions, and that we aren’t mad at her.

     Back to the toothbrushing, I’m ranty today. So I explain to her the importance of brushing her teeth, asked her if she would brush them in her room & got her the brush after a hesitant and whispered “Yes”. Needless to say, she brushed her teeth by herself, kicking & screaming the whole way. Today was just a bad day for her, I’m hoping it will pick up. (I feel like I always say that) She wanted to put on her new rain coat which is super snuggly, has the elastic hood & all. She slipped into that and her attitude got a bit better. Until she saw an old jacket that she used when it was snowing outside and asked if it was going to snow tomorrow. I tried to explain that it doesn’t snow in Florida, but it was no use, I didn’t want another meltdown, so I agreed that maybe tomorrow it will snow! Maybe tomorrow morning will be better…..

     Lil Ms. Selena received a few letters and pictures (oo and hamster stickers) in the mail a few days ago!! She was so thrilled! Tonight we are making the Halloween cards to send back to everyone, supposed to be a surprise, but not if *you* are reading this now!! Ah well! It will still be a lot of fun for Selena, given she comes home in a good mood! When it comes to writing, she does ok until she sees she has messed up, then it’s meltdown city. It has gotten quite a bit better for her, but she still gets all bent out if it’s not ‘perfect’. One battle at a time!

     Selena shocked me 2 days ago, she asked me if she could go & play with her friend that lives in the neighborhood. Really? That’s awesome!! Heck yea she could! She bolts out the door and down the sidewalk! There’s no stopping her now! She makes it to the door, knocks while saying, “Can I come in?” and has invited herself in when the door opens before we could ask! She had a great time over there the last few days, and I’m thrilled to see her wanting a friendship! When we picked her up, we received quite a few compliments on how she is spelling words, writing out words (like eggs, pie, stop, go, etc) and doing some pretty decent math (3 + 3) and understands what the plus sign means! Go Selena!! Which reminds me of last night, she knows all the punctuation marks and will tell you over and over what each one does while acting it out…well, everytime she saw one!! She does incredibly well sounding out words, reading beginning books and picking out words in everyday life that she recognizes (at the store and such).

     That reminds me, she is crazy huge into strawberries right now! She keeps asking me if we can make a strawberry pie, strawberry cake, everything strawberry!! Ooh yea….that dreaded birthday mode has NEVER LEFT and it just KEEPS GOING!! I just go with the flow now, I can only tell her so many times when her birthday is and that it isn’t right now. I’ll let her live in that moment for a bit longer! (Not like we have a choice)

     I need to get back to work. I know I chatted about quite a few subjects, sorry if I lost you at all in there!! Have a great day, I’ll try to jot down something tomorrow!


*Update! Grammy sent me an email saying that she spelled out icecream to Papa to see if he wanted some and Selena chimed in, “I’ll have strawberry please!” Such a smarty! I love her so much!


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