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October 11/12, 2011 October 12, 2011

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     So the interesting, slightly irritating Birthday Mode is over! I found the culprit and it was because of me (compounded with Papa’s birthday)! When we went to the library last week, I let Selena get a Dora movie…about her Big Birthday Adventure! *facepalm* These types of things I try to be aware of, but sometimes, when those lil eyes are looking up at me and she asks ever so sweetly…I tend to give in! Oh you know you would to! So it is safe to say that Birthday Mode is hereby declared over! Until Unkie’s birthday, which is less than a 2 weeks away!!

     She is working on her months, so she knows that Halloween is right around the corner, boy is she excited! Last year she did really well, except for the fact that the 2 weeks after Halloween are difficult, (for us mostly)! Trick or treat, that’s all we heard from her and that was all she wanted to act out, for weeks. That just means that she’ll be extra ready this year! She has been planning her costume for a month or 2, a princess with a crown, and wand and slippers, pretty much her play clothes we have! Yay for our pocketbook!! Another thing to be thankful for! She is afraid of toys that make noise or move. Which makes Christmas a pretty quiet event, other than all the squeals of joy.

     Yesterday (the 11th) we got a few visitors! One was bearing gifts, which just happened to include, a set of kitty ears, mitten gloves and a wand! She was a Super Reader for the rest of the night! Library, store, jetty, everywhere we went she told anyone who asked her a question just who she was and avoided the question all together. We had an amazing dinner with all the girls, they are so adorable, we are definitely going to have our hands full when they get older! Our other visitor was Unkie, she was so excited to see him and was even more excited to hear that his birthday was coming up! She tried to give him one of her library books as a present. Too cute.

Oh yea! I almost forgot to mention that her god-mother, one of my nearest, dearest and closest friends, visited us on Tuesday! She is so good with Selena and is a great friend to listen to me all the time! She brought Selena a pretty little necklace, that she just loves! But, she has not taken it off yet because she says they are her magic crystals, just like Dora! Selena believes, without a doubt, that they are real. It kind of worries me that she has such a non-existent line between reality and imaginary.

     I haven’t spoken much about her progress at school lately. She is doing really, really well. So good that we haven’t had but 2 ‘rough spots’ noted on her take home sheet! She is now helping the other children if she sees they need it, holding the doors open, and assisting with classroom activities. Is this the same little girl we were dealing with 3 weeks ago?! I always told her old teachers that they wouldn’t believe it, but she is a very good child, when she’s in her own element.

     She is sticking stickers on me right now saying a “You did it….(insert action)” “…such a good job, not cry” “…such a good job, super helper” I have earned 9 Selena stickers so far! The first thing she tells herself, as she’s sticking these on her “You did it, its your birthday”…..man… I thought it was over!! Ah well, at least it has calmed down, a bit.

     There is one thing I’m worried about, when it comes to school. She is a parrot, she will say what you say, do what you do and I’m hoping that she will not pick up on any behaviors her fellow classmates might display! I’m a bit distracted today, but it’s a good distraction. Selena now has the jump rope and is tossing it my way saying, “I’ll rescue you mommy, you’re in the water!” (I’m sitting on our blue rug). I’m glad she wants to interact with me today! So yes, as I ramble on here, I am slightly rather distracted, I’ll try to remain focused.

     One last thought, before I go to finish laundry…great, now the jump rope is a phone, I’m never finishing this!!! Within this last month, her sense of adventure is increasing. She has no issues hopping on her bike and taking off, without anyone even remotely close. She sped off and was at least 9 houses down before she even looked behind her (for a split second) and took off! She wanted to walk with her baby stroller and she kept trying to escape! It took everything in me to try to get her to understand that she can’t just go-go-go. Maybe she’ll understand the next time she tries to go hunting for the next lemonade stand!



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