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October 9/10, 2011 October 11, 2011

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     Phew! It has been so busy these last few days! Only took me 2 days to get time for this! I hope this weekend was as good to you as it was to us. Let me think back..hold a minute, we are excavating Selena’s lil car from the fence, she wants to play with it but it rained! I have her getting my flips for me, helps me teach her multi-sequenced instructions, so she’ll gain a better understanding of following directions when she’s at school. Ok, we’re done with that now and have moved onto Wii bowling again, she’s in a great mood!

     “May I have, its too quiet” Selena is great with manners, even when she’s getting upset, she’ll still say “No thanks” even almost screaming it if you persist. We’ve taught her to be polite so she knows if she wants something, she’ll ask me “May I have, …” then she’ll insert whatever it is she wants. Like just now, the tv was turned low and she kept saying, “It’s too quiet” so I asked her to ask correctly but instead of asking to “turn up the sound” she said, “May I have, it’s too quiet, please?”

     These “scripted speeches” and phrases have been repeated so many times to her that she’s got them memorized and is allowing her to get her needs across so Selena hasn’t had nearly as many meltdowns as she used to.  However, She has come to a point that if you do not respond “correctly” to what was taught to her, she will most likely continue to repeat what you’re supposed to say, until you do! It reminds us all to use good manners! 🙂

     So these last few days have been filled with lots of imagination, library visits, sleepovers with Grammy & Papa and lots of fun! Since she has started this new school, her whole-being seems to be more at ease and Selena has been much happier!! We baked cookies, played games and watched movies together.

     She has always preferred to play by herself, so lately I’ve been trying to entice her to play with me more. She usually tells me, “No thanks.”  If you are searching for her, she will be under her bed, let’s say 90% of the time. It’s her hide-away, escape route, secret garden, heh. She will head-dive under there though, so it worries me that she’ll bang her head. She’s becoming so attached to that nook under her bed, that if you call to her, walk in her room, or try to get her up in the morning, she’ll dive under that thing so quick I can feel the rug burn myself! I have been trying to get her to hang out in a special corner that we made in her room that is divided off with a partition, full of her stuffed animals & has her favorite sleeping bag in it! No luck, under the bed is still the winner.

     Selena always seems to be in her own world of make believe and fantasy. We’re either in her favorite tv show or we’re princesses, even animals or a baby. I don’t mind any of those except when she acts like a baby. She lives so deep in her imagination that the floors are usually ‘sticky’ or ‘muddy’ which allows me to fine tune my invisible lasso! It can become very frustrating if all I’m asking her to do is come to the table though!! When we’re at the store, if one tile is a different color, then we have to put on our water boots or navigate around the aisle. That can make a quick stop to the store turn into an extended trip!! I love to play along with her and will be behind her with whatever story she is ‘stuck on repeat’ for that day. We’ve been to the store in a fairy outfit, wings & all. We’ve been there with Selena acting like Barbie Swan Lake with the magic wand that shrinks you! (The other customers in line got a kick out of us I think or just think I’m crazy, heh). I really enjoy her imagination, but at times when we really want her in this world, we have to struggle to get her back.

     One last thing before work. I noticed that I said ‘stuck on repeat’. We use that term when Selena has a phrase, line, song, saying, or even something she acts out or performs continuously for a period of time. When her mind gets in, let’s say birthday mode, she will repeat how she wants to surprise someone – over & over & over, heck, ALL day!!! The first, hmm 6 times are ok, but about 30 minutes in of the same repeated sentence, it gets a little much. We haven’t found a way to ‘hit the fast-forward’ button, but that kind of knowledge would be so helpful! (This entire last week was birthday mode!)

      The new insurance paperwork came in, we’re on our way! It pays for specialists but will no longer pay for ER or Hospital visits!! I’m glad she doesn’t take after her Unkie, wild and adventurous or we’d be in trouble! Have a wonderful Monday, I’ll try to figure out a regular schedule for my postings, sorry to keep you hanging!! Off to work I go!



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