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October 4/5, 2011 October 5, 2011

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     This post is challenging for me to get down for some reason. Let me try again… So, I started this last night, but didn’t finish. Sorry. 😦

    Last night was fun, Selena had such an amazing day, she just beamed all evening long. This is the first day in quite a while where we didn’t have to discipline her. It was a nice change! I am staying hopeful that it will last.

     I get to the school today to pick her up (which I’m going to miss) and notice that none of the other parents get out of their cars to wait. I wish they would! I would love to meet them, maybe exchange info, have a play date. Anyway, she comes out with one of her teachers and her new best friend, excited to see me.

     I get a highlight of her day from her teacher. All good things! Since it was Papa’s birthday over the weekend, she is still in birthday mode so she influenced the class to sing happy birthday & ‘make’ strawberry cakes. I’m so happy that they allow her to run with things and make it into a positive learning experience!

     We get moving and she is just going on and on about music today and what she did. It was the most I’ve ever heard her describe anything! Her favorite was the drum, “I played the drum. Boom! Boom! Boom mommy!” She loves music, she is learning the drums from Papa & messes with the guitars at home. Another good day! I can get used to this! It warms my heart to know that she’s finally in a class suited for her.

     Stay in touch with their teachers, they have a different relationship with your child. They might have some good suggestions or tips for you to use at home. Also, if they’re working on any behaviors at school, I like to ask them if there’s anything I can do at home to help achieve Selena’s goals. If we quit working with her on certain things, she tends to regress and it’s almost if we have to start over!

     Speaking of working on things, I have been trying so hard to get her to be independent in the bath tub. We have been working on this for months!! It is important to note that if you plan to teach a child with ASD anything new, get used to showing them A LOT! Repetition is needed for them to aquire and get these new skills down. As with any child, I’m sure.

     Bath time has always been difficult. She doesn’t like her hair messed with at all. So for me to even wash her hair was a battle in itself. All I could do was try my best to get it done while keeping her safe. SWOOSH to one side of the tub! SWOOSH to the other! Hiding in the corners and screaming like I was an axe murderer. We’ve had police over (due to a crazy lady who lived under us), investigations for child abuse and all that, because of her meltdowns. With time, patience and persistence we have been able to overcome these almost daunting tasks.

     I am TOTALLY not done, but work is work so I’ll finish later. Sorry!!! Have a good one.



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