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October 2, 2011 October 2, 2011

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     Today has been amazing. Selena stayed at Grammie’s & Papa’s last night. They always have a blast. Crafts, music, laughter & fun, it has got to be refreshing for Selena to get to unwind!

     All week long she gets pushed to do things, act a certain way, get disciplined from everyone , and usually get so upset during the day that she rubs her eyes until they are buffy, bruised & swollen.

     The experience we’ve had so far, has been pretty horrible. First day of school and she’s already in trouble, looking at being removed from after care. Barely 5 weeks in and there are more misconducts, referrals, suspensions than I can keep track of!! Slapping, pinching, punching others?! Spitting on people, throwing classroom furniture, throwing anything that was in her way during a meltdown, and more….oooh man. Just imagine how horrible she feels on the inside, how much pain and discomfort she’s experiencing to act out so badly. That’s no way to experience Kindergarten!

     We’ve gotten ourselves a problem, haven’t we? Fortunately the staff at her school were very helpful in leading us in the right direction and helping get the ball rolling. I’m sure they wanted a bit less stress too, with Selena having to be removed from class on an almost daily basis! So with that said and done, I toured a school that has a wing which is specifically designed for ASD children. It is absolutely amazing!

     Let me tell you how relieving it was for me to meet her teachers and not have to explain everything about her, or give them ‘tricks’, tips, or ideas on how to manage her behaviors! Knowing this information about them had made my mind up. I was already confident in our decision and excited to see her in an environment suited for her.

     This is super important to remember and take note of. Parent rights with the school board, familiarize yourself with them, you should receive a copy when you fill out their paperwork at the beginning of the year. If they didn’t (don’t know why they wouldn’t) then the Department of Education for your state can give you a copy. I’m so glad I read up on what the school could and could not do, since we were going through so many instances where she was being removed everyday from class, suspended from school, etc! The liason did a terrific job explaining our choices, rights and options while still reassuring us we had the final say. If you question, doubt, or feel uneasy about the choices they present to you and those feelings aren’t resolved, you have the right to refuse & they can NOT remove your child due to their disability. You are your child’s best advocate, get informed!

     I urge you to take in their advice, suggestions, services. Think it over, talk with family & friends if you’re unsure. Share your doubts, fears, frustrations with someone you confide in!! I did and it feels like a TON of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You aren’t alone!

     Now, a quick side note before we go bake brownies! (She LOVES to cook, bake and read recipes) www.AutismSpeaks.org is a wonderful site! Information available state wide to nationwide, links, doctors, events going on in the community, forums. Check it out!

     Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I will, after she gets done beating me at Wii Bowling!



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