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October 1, 2011 October 2, 2011

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     We are making breakfast, her choice consists of scrambled eggs, pickles & ketchup. If she were any older, I would be getting a pregnancy test…right now!! Other than the grumpy wake up, she seems to be in a pretty good mood. So that means we will probably have a pretty good day! Let’s hope!

     Most of the time, whenever anyone meets our family, they are shocked to hear us tell them about Selena. “But she looks and acts so normal, are you sure?” is ALWAYS what I hear.

     She IS normal. Kind of. Selena has been evaluated and ‘diagnosed’ with ASD through the school board when she was around 3ish, (she’ll be 6 here soon). We finally received the right insurance (whole different post) and they cover the specialists we need!

     Anyway, all that set aside. Autism is a fairly new syndrome, roughly 20 years into research. It’s still a baby. Everyday there seems to be new research, findings, ‘answers’, ‘miracle diets’, tips, tricks and just junk that is so far out there. Picking through all the information alone is enough to turn your head in circles! Especially while trying to deal with schools, doctors, family and everyday life.

     So with knowing that there is this overabundance of knowledge out there, and knowing that quite a bit of it has BIASED written all over it, a bit of digging is needed just so you know you’re getting the correct information. One of the BEST books that I’ve found -so far- is called The Science and Fiction of Autism by Laura Schreibman. If you are at all interested in doing some research yourself, check that book out!

     Back to Selena, she looks normal, she acts normal, but with some odd behaviors sprinkled in the mix. For instance, she displays echolalia which is the repetition of words or phrases spoken by others. Up until last year, 99% of the words that she spoke would be through echolalia. If we didn’t say what you wanted her to say, it didn’t happen and Selena would just look at you, then most likely scream. Now a days, her echolalia has declined a bit, as she begins to really grasp language. Her actually comprehending what she’s saying it is a whole different concept.

     Since we’ve had to speak for her for so long, she now tries to tell everyone what to say when she’s acting out a scene or in certain situations. If you don’t….she will get herself all worked up.

     At least she doesn’t do the ‘Alligator Death Roll’ or head banging anymore. But we’ll save that for another time, her self-injury is a chapter in itself.
I get off topic so easily, I do apologize. There’s just so much to all of this, it’s hard to stay focused.


One Response to “October 1, 2011”

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hey girl!
    I just noticed that your facebook had a link to this and I’m so glad I clicked it. My boyfriend has Asbergers, which I’m sure, with all the research you have done you may have heard of it. He is high functioning, but there are certain little idiosyncrasies that he and I have had to work through, or he has had to explain to me or hell I just had to go out and research for myself. So after some light facebook stalking through your pictures, I can say that Selena looks like such a happy little camper and totally looks like she has adopted your kick-ass attitude that I miss. Keep your chin up! You look beautiful as always and it looks like life is treating you pretty well. I am so thankful that you added me on facebook and I was really excited when I saw the notice. I actually have some of your old notes/writings as well. I’m living in the D.C area right now, but I miss Florida like none other. How are things going with you?

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